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4 Things Parents Should Know about Mappen App 2022

Mappen App

Mappen stands for Make it Happen. It is a free location sharing app. In the description of the app on the app store, it says ‘see where your friends are and meet up.’ If your child is using this app, they can share their exact location with friends so they can plan to meet and hang out together. Usually, teenagers will locate the place they live and mention where they want to hang out. If your child is using this app, then it’s important to pay attention to their behaviors.

What Parents Should Know about Mappen App

Now, you know what the Mappen app is. But there are still numerous facts that you don’t know about the app. Only when you understand the facts of the app can you take steps to protect your child. Below are some essential facts:

1. Mappen shares location with phone book contact list.

Even if your friend doesn’t have a Mappen, the app will ask if you want to “follow” your contacts. Instead, it will start sending text messages to your friends to join the app without your knowledge.

2. The device location will remain open all the time.

When you install the app, it asks you to open the device location, and it will remain open even if you don’t use the app.

3. The app gives you a few hours of “invisible” options.

But when you choose this option, it won’t let you post anything during that time. After 8 hours, it will automatically open your location again. It will prompt you to “Always” allow Mappen to access your location.

4. You cannot delete your account after activation.

The only way is to contact the app developer.

5. The sent message will disappear in 24 hours.

You can send messages directly to the other party or group. The message will disappear within 24 hours.

Is Mapen App Safe for Your Kids?

While the app has a good concept that encourages people to be more active and spend time with friends in the real world, it has many security and privacy issues. The fact that the app keeps sharing your child’s location is a big problem because they give up their privacy. Here are some of the risks of using Mappen app:

  • Collects your child’s personal information.
  • Shared information is impossible to retrieve.
  • Some people share personal information for advertising purposes.

How to Protect Your Children If They Have Downloaded Mappen

First, parents should explain the problems children may face when using mappen. But if you find that the kids have already downloaded it, then you can do a lot of things. Tips for protecting your child:

1. Stay Connected with Your Children

You can discuss the dangers of sharing locations with your children. When communication and trust are strong with your child, you will know what’s going on in their life, whom their friends are, and if they need help.

2. Monitoring Apps

The best way to know which apps your kids use and how they use them is to routinely monitor their phones. How do you do this? You can install a monitoring app. About once a week, look at your child’s phone, look at the display screen, examine the app icons, and ask questions.

3. Do Your Research

Stay on top of trends in apps by reading some technology or family blogs. New apps come out all the time, and they spread quickly. One of the best ways to keep your kids safe online is to understand where they connect online and what risks those digital spaces may present.

4. Turn off Location

Mappen, as well as other apps such as Facebook, and Snapchat, access a user’s location while using the app and even when the app is not in use. To ensure your location isn’t shared randomly, turn off location when apps are not in use.

5. Say NO to Random Friend Requests

It’s easy for criminals to create a fake profile and gain access to your child’s life. You should let your child know that they should not add people they don’t trust in their contact list.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Monitoring Mappen App

iKeyMonitor is an easy-to-use mobile monitoring app for Android and Apple devices, perfect for kids with their own devices. Download and install the correct version of the app to the device you want to monitor, and you will get peace of mind. Here some features that you can use to protect your children:

  • Blocks specific apps like Mappen.
  • Tracks the GPS locations.
  • Sets safe and forbidden zones on the map.
  • Listens to phone surroundings remotely.
  • Monitors chat messages on social media.

All in all, Mappen is a social media networking app focused on location sharing. This app is not safe for kids. If your child has downloaded this app, please delete it now. The predator uses the location-sharing application to locate the victim, and Mappen works only as expected when the child shares the location around the clock. In order to protect your child from harm, the best way is to install iKeyMonitor , regularly monitor your child’s mobile phone, and find out what your child is doing online.


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