What Parents Need to Know about Dangerous Video Live Streaming App: The LiveMe app 2024

It becomes necessary to know about the LiveMe app when it comes to monitoring child online or monitoring their social media, we feel it as half the battle. As we know technology is growing faster & easily available online children have been the initial users of the newest social media channels. That’s the reason today need to pay attention to new social media trend of live cams, video broadcasting or streaming live videos online.

What Is LiveMe?

Live.me can be defined as a social live streaming video platform that allows users to go live on cams and connect with an anonymous user and earn virtual goods that can be exchanged for prizes, rewards, and cash. Your child might get the outside world inside using the LiveMe App. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites also have live video options but they come with the right privacy settings as those videos can only be seen by friends on Facebook or Instagram followers. Here are some facts associated with the app:

  • This app enables a user to broadcast videos, chat, share and follow different broadcasters. By just clicking on one of the many users, they are taken directly to their live feed where they can view videos.
  • All the users are able to go live and instantaneously share what they are doing to a select audience and with over fifty million downloads on play store alone since it was released.
  • The most dangerous fact about this app is that children can earn real money on Live.me. When a child goes online & live to stream their video there are set of viewers watching them online and hence has options to send them online gifts as credits when these credits get accumulated and thus this can be converted as real money get credited to a child account.

The Dangers of LiveMe

Though there are lots of dangers associated with the LiveMe app, the most dangerous one is that any child can set up an account by using an existing Facebook, Twitter or email account. In this app often users are asked to provide profile picture, username, gender and birthday. They may even ask you to give the app access to your contacts, locations and phone settings to make calls. All these are some of the dangerous situation for your child. Here are some of the other dangers associated with the LiveMe app:

  • When children set up an account, then there are chances of disclosing the privacy information including the location, age and contact number to the outside world.
  • It easily gets the details of the child which can get easily manipulated by other users to track the child. Sometimes the child may become the victim of cyberbullying and other related online hazards.
  • Live streaming can be at times risky, especially for a child who may be influenced to share too much personal information or there may inappropriate content to attract more viewers or likes.
  • You must know that as this app has a strong emphasis on getting followers and the potential chance of becoming famous, so that may encourage your child to perform more outrageous things.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Kids from LiveMe?

There is a number of steps that you can take to protect kids from the harmful effects of the LiveMe app. The first step is to educate the kids on the process of making them a cyber smart citizen. You have to understand that there to need to spend time with the kids and thereafter discuss their online reputation and all the related online dangers. These are some other ways by which you can protect your child:

  • You must become friends of your child on social media platforms. In order to more popular kids might share about them winning gifts posts of Live.me on their social media channels about the live streaming videos so you will come to know about it when you are friends with them.
  • There are many reliable parental control apps where you can monitor child mobile devices remotely from any distant location. The specialty of this app is that it will notify parents in real-time on new apps installation on children’s mobile devices.
  • Most importantly, you should establish rules for mobile phone use. Usually, a child will want to hide from parents that they using such an application. So they prefer using locked doors. That is the time when they prefer to go online in a day.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Blocking LiveMe

In order to avoid the risks of the LiveMe app, it is not possible that you remove it completely. But when it’s about our children then we would always want to reduce the harmful effects of the app. You can’t eradicate it completely, but by using iKeyMonitor on the device you can definitely regulate it or block the app. This helps you to control the activities of their children. These are some of the benefits of using the iKeyMonitor for blocking the use of LiveMe:

  • It allows you to block certain apps and games like LiveMe. If you want to control your child’s mobile phone usage, iKeyMonitor will provide you with the best solution!
  • With iKeyMontior, you can limit the use of mobile apps with specific rules. Children will know when they can play and when they should study, sleep and eat dinner.
  • iKeyMonitor installed app monitoring feature allows you to see a complete list of all installed applications on the target phone. In this way, you can learn whether you child have installed LiveMe app.

Safe search options, custom filtering categories, content and website whitelist or backlist are common features of iKeyMonitor but when it about protecting children from the hazards of the Live Me app, then blocking is the most useful. The best thing about this app is that you can use it remotely from your device.


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