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2022 Cyberbullying Statistics, Facts, and Trends 2022


As internet usage increases, the cases of cyberbullying are increasing rapidly. Cyberbullying is a form of harassment that is executed through digital devices. The platforms where cyberbullying can occur include social media and various gaming platforms. In some of the cases, people make use of different types of cyberbullying involve causing humiliation. Children are most prone to cyberbullying through hateful comments on online platforms. That’s the reason why you should know various cyberbullying facts and trends. By this, you can protect your children completely.

Different Forms of Cyberbullying

You need to remain aware of different forms of cyberbullying so that you can take appropriate measures to prevent the children. If you know the facts then you can report cyberbullying and adopt measures to prevent cyberbullying. Here are some of the common types of cyberbullying:

  • One common form of cyberbullying is when they post hurtful, nasty or humiliating comments about an individual on any online platform. At the time it may be as dangerous as publishing an embarrassing or nasty photo or video.
  • They may create a fake or nasty webpage about your child. Besides that, they may give online threats provoking the child to kill themselves or hurt someone else.
  • Another common form of cyberbullying in 2022 is triggering religious, racial, ethnic or political vitriol online among children. Usually, this is done by posting hate comments or content.

Common Facts Of Cyberbullying

With the increasing availability of the internet and social media presence, cyberbullying parents have witnessed an alarming rise for children. In this digital world, children are growing up with technology. Thus, different types of cyberbullying have become very common. Teenagers are especially more vulnerable to cyberbullying as they are in growing age and thus have a limited understanding of the good and the bad. Thus, you need to understand the facts about cyberbullying. Along with that, you must know about your child’s online activities to prevent cyberbullying. These are some of the common facts about cyberbullying:

  • Over 43% of kids have been bullied online and it has been found that 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once. 70% of children report seeing frequent bullying online. In a report, it was estimated that 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly, which is the most common medium for cyberbullying.
  • Around 68% of teens agree that cyberbullying is a problem for them while 5. 81% of teenagers accept that bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. Whereas 6.90% of teens say they have ignored it and 84% have seen others tell cyberbullies to stop bullying them.
  • According to research, only 1 in 10 victims inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse which is dangerous. Generally, girls are more likely to be victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying. About 58% of children admit that in various social media platforms someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. That’s the reason more than 4 out 10 say it has happened more than once.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Preventing Cyberbullying

You should remain cognizant of the apps and digital media that your child is using. Your child must engage more in offline activities than getting addicted to computers, online gaming, and smartphones. Cyberbullying is about threatening, harassing, or embarrassing somebody else online. Thus, iKeyMonitor monitors texts, email, chat and all the social media platforms for signs of not only cyberbullying but all other threats that a child may get like suicidal ideation, sexual predators, depression. Here is the list of features of iKeyMonitor that enables you to protect your child from cyberbullying:

  • You can find various features in the app which enables you to view all the activities of their kid and find out reasons for which they are using the device. The best part of this app is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices so you can install it on the device of the child irrespective of the brand and model of the device.
  • It is quite easy to install. There are simple steps by which you can install the app on the device. Different types of monitoring functions present in it help you to make changes in the settings and check whether your child is becoming prone to cyberbullying. You can also limit certain contents of the internet according to the age of your kid. This is a very useful measure for protecting the child from the hazards of cyberbullying.
  • Even if a parent has more than one kid, then also you can download the app on devices of all your kids and keep the access. That means at the same time you can monitor all your kids and protect them from strangers or dangerous people out there. You are able to read their chat messages and check their posts on social media.
  • As iKeyMonitor functions on stealth mode so once you install the app on the child’s device, they can’t find it while it keeps running in the background. If you find that there is someone who is continuously providing hate comments on their posts then you can block such a person remotely.


When it is with children then emotional outcomes are similar to those of real-life bullying. But with the use of iKeyMonitor, you can easily prevent the incidents of cyberbullying. You get to text and email alerts from the app by which you can find out what’s going on and help your kid figure out what to do next. These statistics, trends, and facts related to cyberbullying are important as only when you are aware of it then only you can take corrective measures to protect the child. If you are not aware of the ongoing trends about it then even when you make use of monitoring apps such as iKeyMonitor you can find out what the child is up to. Therefore, remain aware of cyberbullying trends of 2022 and give appropriate protection to your child.


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