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2019 Children And Teens Online Facts

You need to know about various teen online facts if you want to keep your children safe online. In the year 2019, there are number of such facts about which if parents are still unaware then they are surely going to struggle for keeping them safe online. Among various other things the most essential one is having knowledge about the parental controls on children. This is a necessary step for protecting children from harmful activities they may perform online. Often there are plenty of apps to receive alerts of text messages, emails and cell phone calls and social media activities on the mobile phone. Hence, there are number of concerns of parents when it comes to the cyber activities of youth on the digital devices connected to the internet.

Why Is It Important to Know the Teens Online Facts?

Usually parents prefer free monitoring services in order to protect their children and teens from all the online dangers. But they may not be aware that all the free cell phone monitoring apps are not effective enough to tackle the contemporary cyber dangers that youngsters are facing in 2019. That’s why for protecting children and teens from all online nightmares that are prevailing in youth with the use of the internet on their smartphones. Parents have to know about various online facts as well as about a reliable monitoring software for the cell phone that provides tangible benefits to the fullest. Here are some of the reasons due to which having knowledge about technology is essential for parents:

  • Cyber harassment isa big reality for the teens and children who constantly remain online using their digital devices connected to the cyberspace. Apart from bullying online, now bullying happens beyond the school gates.
  • In today’s world, online harassment is chasing children and teens online and as well as in real life especially wherever they bring devices. It has been found that one in three online teens & kids have experienced bullying online and it’s also true that female teens are more likely to be a victim.
  • This is known fact that 32% of the teens used internet and social media on cell phones have experienced potentially challenging online activities. Often children are bullied online via Emails, text messages, IM’s social media and multimedia.

What Are the Teen Online Facts?

The excessive use of digital devices connected to the internet by the children can cause depression, anxiety, and mental disorders among the teens. Due to online harassment that crossed the line can cause serious issues for teens. The access of smartphone devices connected to internet are the major cause of mental issues such as digital dementia in teens, and many other problems in their mind. Young kids and teens communicate about the mental health issues over the years. These are some of the online facts regarding teens:

  • A research found that 28% of teens and children uses internet at regular basis look for information regarding depression, anxiety and dementia online are increasing tremendously.
  • Besides that, 35% of female teens and 22% of male teens go online to find information about mental issues due to the use of smartphones or other digital devices.
  • Majority of the students are facing mental health issues that spend significant amount of time online and digital dementia is increasing among young teens due to excessive use of digital devices.

What Can Parents Do After Knowing Teen Online Facts?

Those days are gone when young teens used writing handwritten love letters young but in 2019, tweens and teens are harboring sexual fantasies on their smartphones. Today, most of them are connected to the internet, social media apps and other things empower them to send direct messages, cell phone calls, and Facebook and WhatsApp voice calls. Hence, sexting is leading teens to sextortion/ exploitation and revenge porn.  As soon as parents become aware about such facts, they can take appropriate action. Here are some more things that parents can do:

  • When parents know that teens between the age of 17 -18 send and receive sexting & nude photos and videos using their mobile phones, then they can keep a track of all their messages and protect them.
  • If parents find that teens trapped online with cyber predators then parents can take appropriate steps for protecting them.
  • Usually, teens are getting involved in self –harming social media trends online such as various challenges. Parents just need to have a hidden eye on their teens and tweens cell phone activities by using a spy app.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Tackling Teen Online Facts

Today, youth are obsessed with technological devices that connects them with the internet and social media are more likely to adopt the dangerous social media trends. On the other hand, social media and online games and continuous embarrassment and humiliation due to bullying harm teens mentally as well as physically. In that scenario it is essential for the parents to take various steps which can safeguard children. The best possible thing that can be done is installing a reliable spy app like iKeyMonitor. It will enable them to record and listen to the live incoming outgoing calls using a secret call recorder. Here are few more benefits of having iKeyMonitor installed:

  • Parents can get social media logs in terms of text messages, text conversations, and shared media files and audio video conversations logs in order to prevent situations of cyber bullying, sexting and to prevent mental health issues.
  • Besides that, you can even perform live screen recording on the teens’ cell phone in order to monitor each and every single activity happens on the target device screen.
  • The best thing about the app is that track the GPS location of the teens if they are up to something dangerous by tracking their whereabouts.

Thus, the most important thing that every parent must be aware about is installation of the monitoring tool. It will not only help in protecting your child but it will also enable you to know various teen online facts. Hence, in this way you are able protect teens against, bullying online, mental health issues, and various other hazards.

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