Dangerous Social Media Challenges and Trends of 2022 2024

Dangerous Social Media Challenges and Trends of 2019

Dangerous social media challenges are now being taken and performed by everyone regardless of their age or maturity level. The hype has even increased after the advent of Tiktok, an app similar to dubssmash and a progressive version of music.ly. It is easy to use and used by billions of users around the world. So, to make it interesting, different dares or challenges keep coming that people follow to earn views and coins, etc. Moreover, it’s not only about Tik Tok but other social media as well where different dangerous challenges have become a trend.

A race of being famous and an obsession with views have made people accept and perform different dangerous social media challenges and trends. Some less Dangerous challenges and trends that got famous were Kiki Challenge, bottle opening challenge, ice cream challenge, and planking, etc.

Why Social Media Challenges Are Dangerous

We all know that social media is the biggest necessity of the present age. But at the same time, there are various issues that make it a dangerous platform.

Waste time

Social media waste hours and we do not even notice. This is the reason kids are not able to focus on their studies.


It is the biggest reasons social media is considered dangerous because many kids have taken their lives due to cyberbullying.

Irrational behavior

There are some kids who show irrational behavior because they compare their lives with the lives of people on social media. When they cannot get what they want they get irritated.

Dangerous Social Media Challenges Of 2022

1. The Blue Whale Game

It is not so old when a game entered the social media and allegedly swayed people, especially teens, to suicide. Many reports also came on screen in which some kids were shown who committed suicide after playing the blue whale game challenge. However, many people reject this trend and claim that the blue whale is just a means of creating massive hysteria.

2. Gallon Smash Challenge

Another one of the dangerous social media challenges and trends are gallon smash challenge. This challenge is nothing more than a person’s behavior, another person shoots, then posts on social media, and then challenges others. People have accepted and performed this challenge however grocery store holders are not so happy about it.

3. The Kelly Jenner Lips Challenge

No doubt Kelly Jenner has the most appealing lips shape with just like a pout. However, some social media users started the dangerous challenges on social media with the name of Kelly Jenner lips challenge. The lips of some challengers went seriously hurt that they had to take medicines and treatment of many days after performing the challenge.

4. Fire Challenge

One of the most dangerous social media challenges was the fire challenge. The challenge hit social media like fire and everybody accepted and tried to do it like an obsession. Many accidents were reported while the challenge was later banned by officially by the state and law and enforcement agencies.

5. The Ice Bucket Challenge

One of the more crazy but dangerous social media challenges is the ice bucket challenge. This challenge hit the Internet in the winter and spread in the fire, and people from different countries performed and accepted it. There are three people who need this kind of madness, one of them is the challenger, the second is the photographer, and the third is the challenger’s ice thrower.

Why It Is Important to Protect Kids from Social Media Challenges

Here are some of the reasons why you need to protect your kids from social media.

Mental and physical health

Social media is damaging the mental and physical health of children. Parents should have restrictions related to the utilization of social media to control the situation.

Avoid dangerous challenges

Limitations on the utilization of social media can help parents assure that their kids will not have to participate in dangerous challenges on social media.

iKeyMonitor Is the Best Choice to Detect Dangerous Social Media Challenges

Here are the reasons why parents should be using iKeyMonitor.

Monitor social media of kids

With iKeyMonitor parents will be able to monitor the social media activity of their kids. They will get screenshots of messages that kids are sending and know the complete friend list of your children.

Get their location

iKeyMonitor will help you track the location of your kids. You will be able to reach and protect them when required.

Get call logs

It will provide you complete call logs of all calls which have been made using the local network or social media apps.


Well, this was a list of the top five most dangerous challenges that people accepted, performed, and hurt themselves on different occasions or times. The challenges were nothing less than a crazy performance. The worst thing about these dangerous social media challenges was that not only teens and kids followed them but adults also accepted and performed them in great numbers. it shows that the internet is becoming a dangerous place with each passing day and people are not acting crazier just to remain in the hype or trends. This is all about just getting more views or coins. Parents should use iKeyMonitor to keep an eye on their kids and to assure that they will not engage in such types of deadly challenges. It will help you monitor and understand what your child is planning to do.

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