Keep Children Safe with the New Geo-fencing Feature of iKeyMonitor

We are excited to introduce the new geo-fencing feature in iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel which helps parents to keep their children safe.

Geo-fencing allows you to define a set of boundaries as a virtual fence on the map. When the monitored user is out of the geo-fence, you will get alerts by email and then you can take necessary actions.

How to set up Geo-fencing?

  • Log into the cloud panel.
  • Go to Logs > Geo-fencing, and select + Add/Reset Geo-Fencing to enable Geo-fencing.
  • Hold/Drag on the circle to adjust the boundary range.
  • Select Geo-fence Alert to configure Email notifications.

Note: GPS logging must be enabled for the geo-fencing to work.

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Category: Parental Control Tips