Keep Children Safe with the New Geo-fencing Feature of iKeyMonitor 2024

Are you aware of the new Geo-fencing feature? Do you know how Geo-fencing can be helpful for your kids and family? Well, rather than installing a separate Geo-fencing app you can have the latest Geo-fencing monitoring feature in the iKeyMonitor spying app to keep your children safe. Yes, the latest version of the iKeyMonitor Geo-fencing app is coming with the ability of Geofence that assists you in keeping your family safe.

What Is iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the top spying app that helps people in parenting and lets you tracking messages, set geofence. It has got immense numbers of features. It comes with a free version that you can download for free on your phone or computer, just by signing up through their website. It supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • The top spy app
  • Download for free
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices

Engineers keep updating the software to make it more efficient and most recently that have announced a Geo-Fencing feature. By using this feature, you can get alerts when your kid leaves or enters in a specific area that you have bounded on the map.

What Is Geo-fencing Feature?

Well, Geo-fencing is the most feasible invention for all parents who want to keep an eye on their kids. It lets you make a boundary around an area. With Geo-fencing tracking feature, whenever your children leave the safe zone, an alert message will be sent to you via email, letting you pay attention to your kid’s actions. And then you can take measures to protect them.

  • Let you make a boundary around an area
  • Get alert messages via email
  • Help you pay attention to your kid’s actions

Why Geo-fencing App iKeyMonitor?

Well, this is not about being old-fashioned or conservative that you are keeping an eye on to the location of your kid. In fact, Geo-fencing monitoring is to make you aware of your child’s security. When you get the Geo-fencing feature on Android or iPhone devices, you can easily rescue your child in case of emergency and reach him in case of some mishap.

Kids are fragile and they don’t know much about their security. Sometimes they go out with their friends for adventure especially some places which are not secure and highly prohibited to visit. So, you can use iKeyMonitor to keep them safe.

  • Kids are fragile
  • Sometimes they go some places which are not secure
  • You can easily rescue your child in case of emergency

iKeyMonitor offers a user-friendly interface and it is supportive of almost all the operating system. What’s more, it’s easy to operate. You don’t have to do anything and it will keep sending the updated spying logs to your email. In addition, unlike some other mobile spy app with the Geo-fencing feature, it always alerts me in time without delay.


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iKeyMonitor Team is a team of parental control experts with over 16 years of experience in parental control apps and phone tracking tools. Started in 2009, iKeyMonitor is now the most powerful monitoring and control application for parents.

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