Why You Should Have the Tech Talk With Your Kids — And Keep Having It 2024

Having honest communication with kids that means having tech talk is essential for parents when it is about technology. There are many things to teach your kids which can be explained easily in a quick 15-minute chat. So, you should avoid ongoing check-ins that will help them stay safe online and in real life. Having conversations about difficult subjects, with kids is definitely hard to start sometimes, is incredibly important to a children’s development. As you will increase these types of talks, the more comfortable your kids will feel coming to you with any questions or concerns they face online.

What Does Tech Talk Mean?

Tech talks means an open dialogue with the children about technology and its impact. Young children need to use electronic equipment under your supervision. You can limit what they watch, which is fairly easy. Especially if you can use an application like a monitoring app. The only way to ensure that your child’s content is 100% secure is to review it yourself. However, there are many online risks on the web, and inappropriate sexual content or frightening/violent content may pop up unexpectedly. To prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content, you need to:
  • Ask them about their favorite shows/games and why they like it. You must always explain the importance of life outside the screen.
  • Explain that some videos/games are for larger children/adults who must wait until the right age to get access to them.
  • Let your kids tell you when they see strange or frightening content on the web.

Why Should You Have the Tech Talk with Your Kids?

Today, the average age of children who have their first mobile phone is 10.3 years old. It’s become a new passage for kids as earlier many kids receiving their first devices after fifth-grade graduation. With a kid’s first phone comes an entirely new world in their hands that they navigate and along with that there is a new set of rules to understand. There is a number of additional threats like cyberbullying and online predators. That’s why it is essential that parents have proper tech talks with the kids. They must also learn how to conduct themselves online and learn how to create and maintain online relationships with family and friends. Here are a few reasons due to which have a proper conversation with kids is quite essential:
  • When your children are going to start using smartphones then it becomes necessary for you to explain to them that not everyone is who they say they are online. You have to talk about what cyberbullying is and why it’s hurtful.
  • Apart from that, it is the responsibility of you to tell them to let you know if someone they don’t know messages them or they find anything inappropriate in the messages.
  • You have to also let them know that there’s no need to ever share personal information online, such as addresses, especially to any strangers. Children must understand that screen time is fun, but balancing it with physical activity is important.

How Can Tech Talks Help You Protect Children Online?

When children are young, they must go through a subtle stage. They begin to desire independence, and what parents do is to ensure their safety. As the child becomes more mature, the teenager spends more time alone than the childhood and younger children. Because of the emergence of social media, mobile phones also play an important role in social life. Typically, they communicate digitally, plan and participate in social media. There are a lot of technical conversations you can do during this time, and you will focus on more serious topics. Tech talks can help children in a variety of ways:
  • Important tech talk emphasize that what they say and what they post online is permanent. Therefore, when your children realize the consequences of posting something online, or when they know that the information is not permanent, they will be cautious online.
  • You can let them know that sexting can have serious consequences, and some of them have not even considered it. You can even openly ask if they have witnessed cyberbullying in school.
  • Tell your children if they feel overwhelmed or sad, they can talk to you at any time.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting Children Online

When you are using a reliable monitoring app then it will monitor text messages, emails, YouTube, and over two dozen other social media platforms for signs of potential issues. These issues may include cyberbullying, online predators, adult content, depression, some acts of violence, and suicidal ideation. The app will send parents notifications when it detects something worrisome, and these alerts can spur just the sort of important dialogues your children need. Here are some of the features of iKeyMonitor that you can use:
  • Through the app, you can check websites that your children visited. As soon as you know that the website contains some inappropriate content then you can talk with your children about the content. Make sure that your children know what is inappropriate content and why they should not access such contents.
  • You are able to access the text messages and chat conversations that your children may have with his contacts. You get the notification from the app when there is an exchange of any sort of inappropriate messages from the device of your children.
  • The best feature is that you can monitor social media accounts on your children’s phones. This enables you to check their posts and contacts.
Therefore, if you want complete protection of your children, then you need to have a proper tech talk with them. Additionally, you can install a monitoring app like iKeyMonitor which makes monitoring easier for you.


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