TECH Parenting Style Could Lead to Lower Risk of Dangerous Behaviors In Kids, Study Says 2024

This is a digital world where it is quite easy for you to feel overwhelmed to keep children protected so they tend to use a tech parenting style to lower the risks of digital parenting. This is a new parenting style outlined in a recent study that could be effective in managing the screen time of the children. The study warns that too much tech exposure often leads to what it calls “high risk” behaviors in kids and teens, in part because it isolates them from the real world and real-world consequences.

What Is Tech Parenting Style?

Tech parenting is using technology for limiting the usage of technology for children. If there is better home media management will lead to lower youth risk for engagement in health risk behaviors such as substance abuse or risky sexual behaviors later in development. Often media is viewed by researchers as a sort of “super-peer” for children. The movies, games, shows and apps to which they are exposed can leave a lasting impact on them. Here are some other facts related to tech parenting style:

  • Tech parenting philosophy comes in is associated with the process to Talk, Educate, Co-view and set the House Rules.
  • When it is about finding out what your kids are doing when they’re online, one of the first things a parent should do is just ask.
  • You need to know what types of games children are playing, the types of shows they are watching, how frequently they use social media and most importantly about their likings.
  • When you have knowledge about your child then it will empower them to take action and hold open conversations when necessary, the study said. And the questions will always be better received when posed without judgment or suspicion.

Tech Parenting Style And the Effects on Kids

As a child grows, it is helpful to have regular discussions about how they make sense of their experiences with technology. You can have a conversation with children about why some people portray themselves online as having perfect lives, and ways in which the prevalence of this type of online self-promotion might make others feel inadequate decreases the odds that these experiences will have a negative impact. Therefore, having an open dialogue between parent and child is crucial to establishing healthy tech habits in the home. Here are some of the effects of tech parenting on kids:

  • The study emphasized the importance of teaching the children the real-world consequences for the behaviors or various actions often depicted in social media. Suppose when an ad for alcohol pops up, then you can use it as an opportunity to talk to your child about the potential dangers of drinking.
  • When you educate your children on the very real dangers posed by the Internet which included cyberbullying, predators, pornography and addiction. With the help of tech parenting parents can teach and connect with children.
  • As parents play an important role in helping children and teens navigate media, which can have both positive and negative effects on the children. Tech parenting helps you to set expectations and boundaries to make sure your children’s media experience is a positive one.

How to Develop Tech Parenting Style?

You must establish guidelines that keep your children safe. That implies there is a need to continuously develop the tech parenting style.  You can take the information gleaned from conversations with your children and doing extensive research to find out whether the media the child and his or her friends are interested in is actually harmful to them for it is instead helping them to grow. Usually, children engaging in media use frequently, but it is quite difficult to understand what your child is doing on all these different platforms. Here are some ways by which tech parenting can be developed:

  • Technology is not going anywhere, so there is a need for you to understand what youth are doing with technology today, what impact it may have on them and specifically how to get positive outcomes of technology use.
  • In order to develop parenting, you can watch movies and TV shows with your kids, and turn them off if you feel you’ve ventured into an uncomfortable environment.
  • Along with that you can play popular games with your kids and make adjustments if you feel the content is too mature. Stay on top of their social media activity which a reliable spy app that has a feature designed to do just that and take action when necessary.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting Your Kids

Using a reliable spy app like iKeyMonitor is an integral part of parenting. You can’t avoid doing so at any cost. You have to take time to establish clear, concise tech rules, along with consequences for breaking them. Besides that, you must involve your children in writing up your rules and regulations as it is most important to consider their point of view. It is a tool to make tech parenting easier rather than messing up the entire situation. Here are the ways by which iKeyMonitor aids in protecting the kids:

  • You can set schedules for tech-free hours with iKeyMonitor on your child’s device. It enables you to know whether your child is following the screen time limits, social media transparency and parental approval of shows and movies.
  • It can be used as a valuable tool for TECH parenting as it gives you access to a child’s web browsing history, apps installation, text messages, and social media activity.
  • Using this app, you can also set screen time limit and track your child’s location using the app. All features are designed to keep kids safe and support healthy tech use.

Therefore, the tech parenting model must include talking to the kids about the harmful effects of technology use and after that educate them about the risks. You must check using iKeyMonitor whether the child is following all the designed regulations so that they stay protected.


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