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Top Anonymous Messaging Apps in 2019

Today, various anonymous messaging apps can put your children in trouble. But, indeed, every messaging app that your child might be using will not harm them or allow them to be reachable by Internet strangers. For many teens the allure of anonymous messaging apps is strong. They want to keep up with their friends constantly as not staying in touch can make them feel like missing out. Anonymous messaging apps can make kids feel safer and bolder, but that lead to various risky activities.

Top Anonymous Messaging Apps for iPhone

Usually, on the iPhone, the sender’s contact name or number is visible on the screen. But if your child wants to hide their identity or mobile number when communicating with other people, then an anonymous messaging app for iPhone is preferred. Recently, anonymous texting has become very popular for both Android and iPhone’s users. As a parent, you have to know whether your child is using any such app or not. Usage of such apps can bring problems in their lives. Without doubt, anonymous texting can put them in trouble and of course, it is not similar to that of regular messaging. Here are top messaging apps specifically designed for iPhone:

Smiley Private Texting

This messaging app allows you to receive as well as read messages which have been delivered to proxy mobile numbers. This app is free of cost and it very impressively sends messages anonymously on other iPhone.

Text Burner

It is one of the most trusted ones for the iPhone and other iOS devices. It gives you multiple phone numbers for sending the messages. You can receive messages on the platform as well.


In this app, you will not only be able to send messages on iPhone anonymously, but you can also post pictures as well as videos in a social media platform without other people knowing anything about your identity.

Top Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android

Most of the dangerous messaging apps usually have a few features in common. Parents must look out for those features and consider that those apps are not safe for their kids. As that can pose a risk to your children. Kids and teens who make mistakes while online may be too embarrassed to discuss it with parents that could endanger your kids. So, you must be aware of the messaging app that they can use anonymously on their Android phone. Here are some of those anonymous messaging apps for Android:


It allows your kids to send group and private and it is considered as one of the most dangerous apps for teens. Kik limits how many recent messages are saved only for 48 hours so it becomes difficult for parents to monitor their child’s chats through their phone itself.


Teens and adults like this app too much for sending anonymous messing. It even allows you to send photos, videos, or messages to other users with a set amount of viewing time. Once the time expires the message self-destructs, and cannot be seen again.


It allows the children to connect in groups based upon their interests and location for confessing secrets. While the app is for apps but it still allows the teenager. It is so dangerous because of its anonymous features.

How to Detect Anonymous Messaging Apps

It’s hard to detect the apps that your kids are downloading on their iPhones or Android phones. Therefore, detecting such apps is a challenge that parents have to take in this era of digital parenting. The first thing you should do is to learn more about them. Know the App names and icons as well as its capabilities and uses. Here are some things that you can do to detect anonymous messaging apps:

  • You can check the phone of the child but that can create for them and they will always hesitate to lend you the phone. Often this way of detection fails but if you small kids you can surely try this.
  • The best thing that parents can do is install a spy app on the device of the child and check their phone for any suspicious messaging app.
  • If parents find suspicious messages are exchanges then they can instantly block the person sending such messages. Moreover, you can delete the app completely.

How iKeyMonitor Is Beneficial in Detecting Anonymous Messaging Apps

A parental control app is helpful for parents who want to easily detect the messaging apps that kids are using. Thus, you can prefer to install one of the famous parental control apps that is iKeyMonitor and even check the messages that your children have exchanged. You can find more about what an app is and why it is or isn’t safe for your kids. Here are some of how iKeyMonitor is beneficial:

  • By using this app, you can manage your child’s screen time and remain well-informed about the messaging apps that they are using.
  • You can check into social media account of your kids and also find out what they are downloading and using each day.
  • Apart from that, it allows you to block inappropriate or unwanted apps and also find out how much time your kids are spending using specific apps.

Thus, it is essential that at least parents are aware of the popular anonymous messaging apps that the child may be drawn up. That can be potentially harmful to them. So, if you want to keep your child away from such messaging tools then you should install parental control software, like iKeyMonitor, which also has a feature to block apps that are already downloaded by your kids can help ensure their safety. If you have a teen child then you have to make them understand that if they are using any of these apps, they have to make sure that they end up doing so responsibly otherwise they can be in big trouble. It’s better and advisable that they always avoid using such apps which are harmful to them in anyways.

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