Top 5 Best Free Android 11 Spy Apps 2024

Are you always worrying about the safety of your children online? Are you looking for the best free Android 11 spy app to monitor your children? Check the 5 apps below to narrow down your search for the best free Android 11 spy app.

1. iKeyMonitor Free Spy App

iKeyMonitor is a powerful spy app for android, it covers more than 30 monitoring features. It allows you to track the actual locations of your children at any time, capture screenshots of mobile activities and set up several safe and prohibited areas. Besides, it can also record incoming and outgoing calls remotely.

It also tracks SMS text messages, geofencing, photos, contacts, call logs, and social chat messages on WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Skype, Line, etc. iKeyMonitor provides a free plan that supports almost all the spying features of the full version, and you can test it before buying.


  • Captures screenshots
  • Records keystrokes
  • Call recording
  • Listens to phone surroundings
  • Geo-fencing
  • Monitors social chat apps
  • Free Plan available


  • Some spying features require jailbreaking or rooting

ikeymonitor android spy app

Google Family Link is a free service for cell phones that allows you to manage the content of your children’s devices. It allows you to view your kids’ online activities, such as managing the apps they can use and download, setting screen time limits, locking their devices, and tracking their location.


  • Filters mature content
  • Manages screen time and apps
  • Tracks the phone’s location
  • Free to use


  • No geofencing feature
  • No keystrokes logging feature
  • No screenshots capturing features
  • Troublesome installation

Download: Android, iOS


3. Google Find My Device

“Find My Device” is an app and service provided by Google that uses maps to remotely track and find mobile phones, tablets, and watches. This is a simple and clear way to track the location of someone’s Android phone anytime, anywhere.


  • Free to use
  • Plays a sound at full volume, even if your device is on silent
  • Erase/lock device option


  • No call history spying feature
  • No SMS & Messaging apps monitoring feature
  • No website history tracking feature

Download: Android

Google Find My Device

4. Prey Anti Theft

It is a phone tracker, data security, and device management app in locating lost phones, laptops, and tablets. It includes commonly used “find my phone” functions, such as GPS tracking, locking the phone, and sending alerts. It can also use the camera to take pictures and identify nearby Wi-Fi hotspots.


  • Free to use
  • User-friendly console


  • Potential security/privacy vulnerabilities

Download: Android, iOS


5. Google Backup Service

If you want to monitor your child’s Android phone for free, then you can use the Google backup service. It allows you to back up content, data, and settings from your child’s Android phone to Google. You can then sync/restore the backed-up information to another Android phone with the same Google Account.


  • Free to use
  • Back up photos/videos
  • Sync Chrome web history
  • Restore backed up contacts


  • Requires your child’s Google account and password

Google Backup Service


The TOP 5 best free Android 11 Spy Apps are listed above in this article. Each of these tracking apps has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one that suits you best after careful consideration. In general, if you are trying to find an effective and trustworthy spy app, iKeyMonitor may be what you need. If you only require a free Android tracking app with basic features, then Google family link is also a good choice.


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