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I will tell everyone how I noticed that my child’s Internet habits are not good, how I tried to change this situation with my wife. But we failed, we want to know how to correct the child’s bad habits without malicious.

My wife and I both work in advertising agencies. If our business takes a long time, we can stay in the company. Sometimes we can stay at home to get the job done. We spent a lot of time on the website hosting the online platform, where we watched the video and thought about how to do the design work. One day, we found that our children spent a lot of time on these and dating sites! Because the house has a public internet, it is difficult to keep children from surfing the Internet. Every day, our children are addicted to the internet. No matter how uncomfortable this situation is, unfortunately, we can’t find a suitable method.

Previously, we tried a variety of ways to save our children from this harmful habit. We have turned off internet access. As you can imagine, this has led to the worst case. We tried to get him to put down his phone and go outdoors. But this method is not very successful. Until one day, my wife decided to try a method she found on the Internet.

Our son is a Huawei P Smart user. We quietly installed iKeyMonitor on his mobile phone. Before using this app, we are worried that our children may notice the existence of this app and lose trust in us. Fortunately, this app is Automatic, our children will not find that there is more than one thing on his mobile phone. This app runs quietly on the phone. Even if we are not at home, we can know what the child is doing online. This is the best part of the application. iKeyMonitor captures images from the camera and records phone surroundings. You can not only watch the monitoring records remotely, which gives us a chance to know who our son is talking to.

Useful Features of iKeyMonitor

Search History

It tracks the web browsing history of the target Android/iOS device on Safari/Chrome, including the title, URL, and timestamp when visiting the website. The iKeyMonitor Internet History Tracker will help you monitor Internet activity by tracking your web browsing history.

Calls and SMS text messages

It helps us check the call history and SMS history with the son. In this way, we can take precautions to protect our children from malicious people.

GPS Locations

When our son is not around us, we always want to know where he went. Now we can see the child’s real-time location. GPS tracking is a powerful feature of the app. Log in to the Cloud Panel and you can see where the child has been and where he is now.

Alert Words

Setting up alert words is also an amazing feature of this app. After we set up the alert words, we can know when our son has accessed the inappropriate content. We can take action in time after we receive the notifications.


We didn’t know what the keylogger was before. In this application, we found the keylogger. With this keylogger, we can keep track of all keystrokes typed on my son’s device, including pasted texts in all apps so that we can know clearly what happens.

Chat Records

I think this is the most important issue. We can see the chat history of our son. Social media plays an important role in today’s world. There may be many eco-friendly people, but there are still many malicious people on these platforms. Monitoring chat history is very important to us. You can view chat messages on today’s most popular messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. We can’t stay with our children all the time, but we can understand their children’s online activities to ensure their safety.

The Feature That We Appreciate Most

Both my wife and I are trying to regulate my son’s Internet usage habits and protect him from adverse events. The app is so extensive that we still have a lot of features not used. I explained above the features that we mainly use and are very satisfied with. You can also easily find the rest of the features and use them.

Easy to use

Ease of use is more important to me and my wife. We never thought that we could monitor all the actions my son did on the Internet so quickly and easily. My wife and I are very satisfied with this monitoring application. We can quickly access the monitoring records we need to know. Although we have never used such an application before, we can easily use its features.

I am very grateful for this parental control app. This helps us to correct my son’s bad habits and make him better. We have blocked some malicious phone numbers to protect our children. I recommended this app to all friends who are interested in kid’s online activities. It’s great to be able to monitor your child’s online activity when their parents are not around. We want to ensure the safety of our family as much as possible. With this program, we know that even though my wife and I are not with our children, we are still protecting our son. You should definitely try it. Try the free or trial version and you will never regret it. Have a good day!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 11:55:42 am


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