Tips To Choose The Ultimate Employee Monitoring Solution 2024

Employer are looking for the best employee monitoring solution these days. It can’t be denied that staff are the most crucial asset. However, the low efficiency even non-performance big time operator in companies would be not only a headache for HR management but also a big obstacle for business development. Fortunately, the modern technology, monitoring is distinctive, provides company leaders with employee monitoring solutions to this problem.

There are a number of employee monitoring tools

  • Record typed keystrokes by users on all network computers
  • Record conversations on IMs such as MSN/Yahoo Messenger
  • Record mails sent and received, websites visited
  • Snap remote screenshots in fully stealth background
  • Monitor remote computer desktop in real time

If you’ve drawn up a plan, here we will share some tips for you to get the ultimate solution.

Size of your company

It’s the size of your company that determines which version, such as standard, professional and enterprise edition, and how many licenses you need to purchase. For example, Business edition is designed for the company staff less than 100 while enterprises edition is more suitable for the bigger size company.

Special and professional features

Most of the spy app for employees in the market contains the basic functions such as monitoring keystroke logs, websites visited, emails, instant messages, real-time desktop. Most of the time, a remote keylogger software could achieve these basic functions easily. However, the enhanced features like flexible employee time tracker, customized reports and database record are only provided by professional employee monitoring software.

Try before purchase

Reliability and performance of employee monitoring program is the element you need to focus on. You will have a comprehensive experience during the software trial time. Only those vendors who are confident in their software quality will let user try before they purchase. The latest version claims to extend trial time from 15 days to 30 days while most of the other employee monitoring products even do not offer free trial.

Cost issues

With respect to the company budget, it’s better to select a cost-friendly monitoring software which offers different budgets or multi-licenses discount. In addition, upgrades should be free. Taking all these into account would save you a lot of bucks.

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