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iKeyMonitor is a godsend, I tell you why! I am the mother of 2 children and run a small business. Every parent or business owner should use an application such as iKeyMonitor.

Today’s technology world has changed the way people behave. The movie “Disconnect” really shocked my world. If you are not familiar with this movie, I will explain why. The film tells the tragedy of several family experiences that are connected to the Internet. A family lost his son because of cyberbullying. Another situation shows how an abandoned child who struggles with poverty becomes a victim of a teenage nude webcam. Another couple who have been affected by the loss of their children have been dealing with their grief separately. When one struggles in pain, the other seeks comfort through an online support team. This turned from providing comfort to support to an affair, and things got worse.

For today’s technological developments, this is an eye-opening real perspective. Even if we think that children are safe, there are still many things that we don’t know. In today’s world, bully methods vary, but the damage is greater than the damage we suffered during our childhood.

Preparations Before Installation

iKeyMonitor works by keeping a log of the target device’s activities which are then sent to a control panel where you can monitor them remotely online. After signing up for iKeyMonitor, you are directed to a platform where you choose the operating system you are monitoring and it has a built-in installation link there to install on the target device. So after I signed up, I just waited for the proper opportunity to be able to pick up the cell phone unnoticed. Once you have the target device, bring up the website you used to sign up and answer the few questions that pop up regarding the target device. There are a couple of things you want to do to prepare before starting the installation.

For Android:

You need to turn off Google Play Protection and notification to prevent iKeyMonitor from being flagged.

Turn off Google Play Protection

  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to Google
  • Find Security
  • Select Google Play Protect
  • Turn off Scan device for security threats

Turn off Google Notification

  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to Notification
  • Find Google Play Store
  • Turn on Block all


  • iCloud ID and password of the target device
  • Make sure 2-factor authentication for the iCloud account is disabled:
  • Make sure iCloud backup is enabled in the target device Settings:

After completing these steps, you will be returned to the installation prompt and begin the download. When complete, the installation wizard will guide you step-by-step to enabling permissions and changing any necessary settings on your device. Activate the service and log out. You can choose not to display the icon on the home screen, so it won’t be noticed by your children or employees.

Clear the Installation Traces

Then you need to perform some additional steps to clear the installation traces of the program.

  1. Go to your Internet browser and if they have google, you want to pull up their “my activity” from google because this will show the page you visited, you will want to erase this along with any other activity that it logged since you picked up the phone. It’s important to do this before erasing there Internet history as activity search will show up in their Internet history, but make sure that you are done with anything you are doing on the phone because it will be tracked and added to their my activity google page and you will have to delete again.
  2. Go into the Internet browser history and erase your pages you used to do the download, also be sure to close any pages you had up because they will continue to be added back over and over again if they aren’t.
  3. Go to their files and select the downloads tab to find the file you had just downloaded and installed so you can delete it.
  4. You may want to scroll through to make sure they don’t have anything else installed that would either “catch a snoop” or track and log activity on their phone.
  5. If you can root their phone, you will get to take advantage of a few features that you can’t with an unrooted device, make sure than you would know what you’re doing though if you are trying to do this step on your own. After a phone is rooted you lose your warranty. Although if the phone were to be unrooted before your carrier being made aware, then there should be no problems with the warranty.

Useful Features of iKeyMonitor

This program provides many useful features. It also offers a free trial, so you can use the feature yourself for three days, or you can increase your trial time by sharing iKeyMonitor on Facebook or Twitter. After this period expires, you can choose to have a video comment for them, or write a review for them, up to a one-month premium package. This is a huge value of nearly $60! The iKeyMonitor official website will provide a coupon code during the holidays, which you can use when purchasing a license.

I can always know where my daughter is, which helps me fall asleep at night. iKeyMonitor is a very trustworthy application that monitors target devices in a prudent mode. In addition, it offers many other parental monitoring features. This is very valuable. It really is the best monitoring app and it offers the best price!

iKeyMonitor gives you the functionality you need to be a responsible parent, protecting our children from the ever-changing online threats of our lives today. Registering the program will allow you to monitor your child’s online activities. You can spy on SMS text messages, call logs, call recordings, pictures, videos, GPS locations ,and you can also block apps and games, limit screen time, record keystrokes, capture screenshots, set up alert words, view web history, check chat messages on Facebook, Twitter, Kik, WhatsApp, Viber and other most commonly used social media or chat platforms. The program works both on Android and iPhone; whether they are rooted, non-rooted, jailbroken or not.

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