An amazing product!

Thank You for an amazing product!

Hello, I am writing this review as a concerned parent trying to find the automatic truth. I started suspecting my 16 year old daughter of sneaking out of the house, skipping school classes, and recreationally using street drugs about a month ago. As any parent would, I became extremely concerned about the well-being of my child and her safety. The only problem I was having was the fact that I could not prove it. If you are the parent of a teenager you understand how hard it is to confront them without any substantial proof. They just shut down and become even more sneaky. It is a terrifying thing to be worried about your child and being unable to do anything about it because you have no proof. I expressed my concern to my child’s guidance counselor at her school and she recommended iKeyMonitor. She had expressed that she had several success storiesI from other parents she had recommended the software to. I am here to tell you that this software helped save my daughter’s life.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

This software is amazing and really easy to use. It completely keeps track of every activity performed on the device you download it to. It logs screenshots of apps, logs calls even if deleted as well as records them, logs any photos or videos taken from the monitored device, logs texts even if they are deleted, logs messages sent in popular social media apps, logs keystrokes performed on the monitored device, logs GPS location, as well as lets you take photos and record surrounding sounds from the monitored device as well. It basically allows you to have full access to the monitored device.

The features I liked most

The feature I liked most was being able to record my daughter’s surroundings from her phone. I was able to listen to conversations she was having with unknown sources when I was not around. I also liked the GPS tracking. Because of these two features alone, I was able to find out the truth about my child’s activities. I learned that my daughter was skipping school and work to meet up with a substantially older man to use a street drug commonly known as crystal meth. Because of this software alone I was able to get my child the help she desperately needed and thus saved her life.

I downloaded the software to her phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9 with no problems. The video the website provided to help walk you through the installation process was very informative and easy to use. It walks you through step by step to make sure that you install it properly. It also helps show you how to hide the application on the monitored device so that you are able to have access without discretion or detection. When investigating a situation like this, being anonymous is extremely important. People, in general, do not act and do as they naturally would if they know they are being monitored.

In conclusion, this software has been one of the best investments I have ever made and is worth every single penny. I am no longer experiencing sleepless nights out of worry and fear for my child. I was able to find out the truth about all of her incognito activities and therefore was able to put a stop to them before she was able to be seriously hurt or even worse. I will never be able to express my complete gratitude to the software developers for helping me save my child. Thank you iKeyMonitor for an amazing product. I have and will continue to recommend iKeyMonitor to every one I know.

A mother finally at peace

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