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Who knew that having teenagers was going to be such a nerve-wracking, heart pounding and stressful experience?! I have a teenage daughter, a very cute very flirty teenage daughter. And as years have gone on, her father and I have become ironically aware of the fact that all of a sudden she was using different email address, even went as far as to open a new Facebook account! It was as if a silent prayer had been answered when we so conveniently stumbled on IKM. By that point we were at wit’s end, scared stiff at the thought of something happening to her. Stu the same time, we couldn’t very well just hold her hostage in our home. She was a teenager for crying in the sink! And then we found our blessing in disguise.

I must admit that at first glance, I was convinced that there would be no way on this green earth that I’d ever figure out how to use this service. But within a very short time, I realized that I was WRONG! Normally technology & I weren’t a good mix. I’m what my daughter would refer to as a ” noob” when it came to understanding phones and our computer’s. However, the step by step process, with real photo’s to refer to made what could have been a nightmare of an ordeal, a process that this ” noob” got down pretty quick. Once installed on our daughters device, (which runs in automatic mode so it’s not delectable) it was smooth sailing! We were able to log on to the site and have instant access to everything a worried parent would want. Seriously, everything. We could see her texts, emails, phone calls & even could hear the conversations she’d had.

Without a doubt one of the best features on this app is the ability to see her location In REAL TIME! One of my biggest fears was her not communicating 100% honesty with us about where she was. With the gps feature, as well as the geo fencing feature, I was always just a click away from knowing her position. It didn’t stop there tho, this company has made such an amazing product, I am still amazed at the greatness of it all truly. The second best feature to me without a doubt had to be the ability to set up alert words. Let’s say that she stumbled onto a site that was more adult oriented, using the alert words I would receive notifications that would allow me to see exactly what activity was attached to said alert word. There happened to be an instance where our daughter was actually being bullied by a person in her class, and thanks to the alert feature, we were able to give the school with the proof that the other student involved was threatening our child bodily harm, and were so lucky that we had the chance to nip a potentially harmful act, from taking place.

Words will never fully express the amount of gratitude i have for the folks that masterminded the Ikeymoniter product. The price is absolutely unbeatable, and from what I’ve personally seen from other products, ikeymoniter is ABSOLUTELY without a single doubt in my mind, the best monitoring software out there available today. They aren’t greedy and using our child’s safety as a way to suck us in. I generally feel that they care about each and every one of their clients. I would give this product on a scale from one to ten, I’d give it a 20 any day. I’ve already told other parents about it and they agree. Ikeymoniter is a must have in this day and age while monitoring our children’s activities. Thanks so much!

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Stephanie Rice
Tuesday, November 26, 2019 @ 01:34:37 am


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