The Dangers Of Being A Distracted And Disconnected Parent 2024

Distracted parenting can have a big impact on a child’s emotional as well as social development. When you become distracted by technology or device, you usually respond harshly to your child’s behavior. There will be a group of children that will accept their parent’s inattention but the other group of children will show misbehavior. There is no one that can be 100 percent attentive to his/her children. Sometimes it is even required to pay less attention to your child because this will help them to learn to entertain themselves and to solve their own problems. But you are not expected to be a distracted parent as well.

What Is A Distracted and Disconnected Parent?

Distracted parenting means the overuse of your cell phone, tablet, laptop or any other device in the presence of your child. It gives your child a message that the device is more important to you rather than your child. Many parents used to complain that their child is using smartphone excessively. Here are a few facts regarding this:

  • To some extent, they are responsible for the same. Parents who are busier using social media or talking with friends for long hours are the ones that could be called distracted and disconnected parents.
  • At times, parents are busy doing their work at home or gossiping with friends and colleagues while neglecting their child and thus getting disconnected with their child.
  • There is no need to constantly focus on your child, but you need to make your child understand that they are important to you. So, when you are with your child, give your attention to them, not to your device.

The Dangers Of Being A Distracted And Disconnected Parent

Distracted parenting is not something new to this digital era. The truth is that distracted children are created by distracted parents only. The problem with Social media and interactive technology is that they are habit-forming. So distracted parents give less priority to their child and their child’s needs and thus somehow force their child to get busy in their own world. When you are not paying attention to your child, they will obviously look for someone else to listen to them and to understand their needs. For a child, it is not possible to understand what is wrong or right. So, they easily get into bad habits. These are some of the dangers of being a distracted and disconnected parent:

  • You get disconnected from your child as you are busy in your own digital world. As a result, your child may be reluctant to share life with you in life.
  • Your child might be spending more time online as you are not giving quality time to him or her.
  • You become unaware of your child’s online activities. There are many online games that are life-threatening like the one like “Blue Whale Game” that was in news almost a year back.
  • Your child might be facing some risks online that he or she wants to tell you but you are not giving him or her a chance to do so.

How to Avoid Being A Distracted and Disconnected Parent?

As a parent before becoming frustrated for your child’s habit of being on his or her device, you need to make sure that you are not obsessed with your device or social media. If you are always busy with your phone, you are becoming a model for them. They will follow you only. Here are a few tips on how to how to avoid being a distracted and disconnected parent:

  • Talk to your child. They need your time and attention. You may turn off the phone or any other device when you are talking with your child. Ask them how was the day and if they are facing any problem.
  • Get in touch with their friends as well because you should know with whom they are spending time. Check your child’s device once in a week to check whether there is any dangerous app or game in their device.
  • Crack healthy jokes and laugh with your child. Laughing together is a great way to build a happy and strong relationship with your child.
  • If you cannot turn off the device for long, at least silence the notification. Set screen time limit before using your Smartphone, tablet or any other device. Make sure to talk with your child when you are walking or traveling with your child.

iKeyMonitor Helps You Be A Good Parent

For parental control, iKeyMonitor is the best app as with iKeyMonitor you can track the device of your child. You can check his or her text messages and able to see what kind of websites he or she is visiting and what kind of online games he or she is playing. Here are a few reasons due to which iKeymonitor is helpful in making you a good parent:

  • With the help of this app, you can know whether your child is using the Internet wisely or he or she is misusing it. You can then block inappropriate or harmful apps or games from your child’s device.
  • This app even allows you to set keyword alerts if your kid uses any keywords that are not safe for them.
  • iKeyMonitor can help in monitoring messages, social media, emails, and other activities of the target mobile. With the help of this app, you can keep informed about the potentially risky chats that your child may be engaged in. But if you want to monitor social media, you will need to know your child’s social media account information, including the passwords.

To conclude this, it needs to be mentioned that to restrict a child from becoming a distracted child, first of all, you need to make sure that you are not acting as distracted parents. This is right that you can do a lot with your device that can make you happy but at the same time you should remember that for your child you are a role model. In this process, iKeyMonitor is quite helpful to enable you to become a good parent.

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