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Teens Pimping Out Young Girls: This is What Social Media Yelling 2023

Teens Pimping Out Young Girls: This is What Social Media Yelling

Most of the teens are highly dependent on social media and they even pimping out young girls. There are many cyber predators including pimps who use social media platforms where teens are lurking who day try to lure young girls into sex trafficking.  They try to trap other young girls by offering poor ones to take them shopping and listen to the problems. In the end, teens got pimped out by teens through social media and involved in a dangerous situation like prostitution.

Why Teens Pimping Out Young Girls Is Becoming Common?

Obviously, teenage girls are not involved only, the professional pimps are who used to use them. Pimps are great at locating kid’s live location and tend to locate tweens with low self-esteem. So, children traffickers trap one and after that groom other teens and expose them towards sexual activities. The convicts first ensnared young girls into her ring and then meet with the pimps by posting their sexually explicit photos and videos on different prostitution websites. There are lots of teens who are facing nightmares and yet they hide the stuff form parents. Here are a few more important stuffs that you need to know about pimping:

  • Usually, teens make friends online without realizing who they really are and what they really do. They may even fight or argue with their parents, and they are more likely to post their news feeds on social media websites.
  • If there are teens who are not having a good time at home or want to have money in their pocket for shopping usually got trapped by the other teen pimps connected with them online.
  • These days such crimes usually happen these days through social media. That’s the reason, you need to teach teens that when it is the duty and when it is a trap.

Why Do You Need To Know About Pimping?

Teens make their presence in the digital world and they love to stay online throughout the day. Lots of cyber predators like pimps, stalkers, bullies online while there are few others who approach teens and try to gain their trust in order to target female teens or tween. Once they won their trust and have done expense over them, then at the end of the day they force the teens to go out and make money for them. Wilson further added that. Pimping can cause potential harm to both the teens involved in it. Here are some of the reasons due to which you should know about pimping:

  • Teens these days are gone for blind dating and as well as in uncommitted sexual activities. You don’t understand how teens used to of making their plans to meet people outside the house.
  • Every parent needs to know that teens to meet strangers in real life without the consent of you. At times teens make conversations in terms of codes and you don’t get to know what that means even after tracking them offline.
  • Pimps on social media apps and websites usually manipulate teens. Because they can easily take advantage of your children’s social media accounts.

How Can You Deal With Pimping?

You need to remain aware of what young kids and teens have experienced by studying their activities. If someone online trying to lure teens for making money in exchange for sexual favors then there are lots of things that you can do to protect teens online and from sex traffickers. The very first thing you should need to get access to smartphones, gadgets, and social media logs that they use. After that you have to set parental control on their kid’s and teens’ digital devices to keep track of them online. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

  • Digital parenting should be common and you need to get access to each and every single activity of teens online using digital cell phones, gadgets, and laptops and other devices owned by you.
  • Simply you need to apply parental control on a cell phone and computers to the fullest. After that you will be able to read their text messages, record and listen to their live cell phone calls, and they can even track their GPS location with pinpoint accuracy and find out the places that they are visiting.
  • When you get the logs of social media apps running on teen’s mobile phones in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio-video conversations, and shared multimedia then you can surely protect your children online.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Preventing The Incidents of Pimping

By using a reliable monitoring app like iKeyMonitor, you can perform live screen recording on the cell phone and computer in real-time. Using the app, you are able to read the conversations and performed activities in real-time. If you find anything inappropriate or suspicious then you can take quick action especially if someone is trying to approach teens online to lure them into dangers. These are a few benefits of using iKeyMonitor by parents:

  • You can monitor chat messages on many social media. In this way, you will know what happened on your children.
  • You can also capture screenshots to see if there are something wrong.
  • You can spy on call history and SMS text messages to check who your children are keeping in touch with.

Therefore, you play an essential role in the process of preventing incidents of pimping. When you make use of iKeyMonitor parental control app then it has been helpful for you to a great extent. It helps in meeting all the parenting concerns and thus you are able to sort out the number of complicated situations and protect your children digitally.


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