Teenager gone wild

Hi, my name is Amanda and I absolutely love iKeymonitor!! It is reliable and dependable and I know that I can count on iKeymonitor to have answers when I need them!

I have a 15 year old daughter, who we will call Erica, who thinks she’s grown and can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, despite the rules I’ve set forth forth for her and her 17 year old brother.

I’ve asked that during the week days they be home by 8pm and on friday and Saturday they can stay out as late as they’d like as long as they let me know where they are going to be. Thanks to iKeymonitor I am able to look to see where they are 24 hours a day. If there has ever been a time that they are not where they were supposed to be I was able to look and see for myself so I could at least know they were ok.

Another feature I like is being able to monitor their calls and text. There has been a time when my daughter was sending pictures of herself topless to her boyfriend and luckily I was able to talk to her and explain why I was not ok with her doing that as that and made sure she understood she should think more highly of herself and not make it so easy for the guys to get a look at her body.

To save that for someone special.

All together iKeymonitor has brought my children and I closer and I cannot thank iKeymonitor enough!

If ever I have an issue it it resolved quickly. It’s all together definitely worth every penny and I fully recommend iKeymonitor to all parents who want to keep an eye from a distance.

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Amanda Church
Saturday, September 7, 2019 @ 08:40:48 pm


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