Stay away: pcTattletale spy app was hacked and its website defaced 2024

May 25, 2024. A hacker who claimed responsibility for the breach said the U.S.-made consumer-grade spy app pcTattletale had been hacked, and its internal data had been published on its own website.

The hacker posted a message on the pcTattletale website late Friday, claiming to have hacked the server. The spyware maker’s site contained links to files from its servers, including stolen data. This is an ongoing threat to victims whose private information has already been compromised.

Hacker’s Statement

In a statement, the hacker who compromised and defaced pcTattletale’s website said the spyware’s servers may have been tricked into handing over private keys to its Amazon Web Services account.

Previous Incidents

Earlier this week, pcTattletale was used to compromise front desk check-in systems at several Wyndham hotels across the United States. This included screenshots of guest details and customer information. Wyndham would not say whether it authorized or allowed its franchised hotels to use the spyware app on their systems.

It appears that pcTattletale is losing control of the sensitive and personal data it collects from its targets. In recent years, over a dozen spy software companies have been hacked or spilled victims’ private information.

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Other Hacked Spy App Makers

The list of hacked spy app makers includes LetMeSpy, a spy app developed by a Polish developer, shut down in June 2023 after it was compromised and its backend data was erased, and TheTruthSpy, an operation created and run by Vietnamese developers, which was hacked again in February.

Other hacked spy app makers include KidsGuard, Xnspy, Support King, Spyhide — and now, pcTattletale.


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