Snapchat Snapstreaks: What Are They and Why Do Parents Need to Know? 2024

Many such apps and platforms are designed which enables users to keep interacting with each other. Snapchat Snapstreaks is such an app that can show you how much your family members are using Snapchat. Apart from that it also tells with whom they are using it along with useful data. If you don’t like any platform, or it may be of certain users your child is friends with, then this app may be useful for discussions about Snapchat and whether it has a place in your kids’ lives. Usually, kids can get carried away on anything, especially when there are some other emotional components involved.

What Are Snapstreaks?

A Snapstreak can be defined as a period of time in which you shared a Snap with somebody on a daily basis, and in return snapped you back. That implies if you sent a photo to someone for five days, and gotten one in return, then your Snapstreak with that person will be 5. In general, you can find fire emoji next to a person’s name, along with the number of days they’ve shared a Snapstreak, and after three days of sharing.

This is what Snapstreak represents. It doesn’t mean you will get any special privileges on the app by maintaining a Snapstreak. If you just chat with somebody there must be a Snap of some sort. Parents need to find out what sort of conversation they have with their contacts on Snapchat. It enables you to ensure that your child is not prone to some sort of bullying or any other harmful effects.

  • Snapstreak is just a period of time when you share Snap with someone every day. If you two stop sharing, it will disappear.
  • If you send a photo for five days, and the other person also do the same thing as you, then your Snapstreak with that person is 5.
  • Snapstreaks will display a flame emoji next to a person’s name and the number of days they have shared Snapstreak. This symbol will be added three days after sharing.

How To Deal With Snapstreaks?

In order to deal with Snapstreaks, you should talk directly about it with children. There is nothing that they would get for maintaining a Snapstreak, so there’s no reason to put any effort into one. If your kids have a friend with whom they love to snap with then naturally there will be Snapstreak in return. Sooner or later, these streaks will end when someone breaks a phone or goes on vacation. It becomes the responsibility of the parents to take care that the children are not becoming prone to these apps. Using parental control app makes things easier for you as it enables you to block such apps and ensure that your children stay protected.

We’ve known for a while that using Snapchat for long periods of time can cause problems. Not only one single app, but excessive usage of smartphones can lead to a number of problems which include dry eyes, eye strain, neck pain from holding your head in a certain position, and possibly encouraging near-sightedness in order to keep the eyes at a certain field of view for long periods of time. That’s the reason you have to ensure that children minimize the usage of smartphones. At the same time, it will enable you to control the usage of Snapstreaks. Here are ways by which Here are ways by which parents can deal with the Snapstreaks:

  • For responsible parents, you can talk directly to your child about the harmful effects of using Snapstreaks to protect children from the app.
  • Tell your children not to be obsessed with snapstreaks. Tell them to be alert to strangers on the Internet. Develop your children’s interest in outdoor activities.
  • The best way is to install monitoring applications on their devices and track their accounts to find out if they are safe. Monitoring will not let your children know that you are spying on their lives, and you will be aware of what is happening on their social media platforms.

So if you use parental control apps such as iKeyMonitor, it helps to keep track of the time kids spend on these apps. Beyond that, you can implement schedules to keep kids from using certain apps and websites that may negatively affect them for long periods of time. You can also impose restrictions on some applications at certain times of the day. If you don’t want your child to face the effects of Snapstreaks, you can use monitoring tools. But most importantly, you must have a healthy conversation with your child about the responsible use of social media. For young children who are still learning about features that work for you, you must take steps and block certain applications.


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