SMS Spy App – How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages 2024

What’s the best SMS spy app? Can you spy on text messages for free? The latest communication boom among young people around the world is text messaging. Although text messaging is an effective method of communication, it can be abused by some malicious people. Therefore, you need to monitor the text messages of your children or employees to understand what is happening. Read on to learn more about the reasons for using a text message spy app like iKeyMonitor.

Why Do You Need An SMS Spy App?

Children like to use text messages to communicate with so-called friends, and employees may sell company secrets through text messages. Therefore, you need an SMS spy app to check the online activities of your kids or employees. You can use iKeyMonitor SMS monitoring application to monitor someone’s text messages without them knowing.

Parental Control

Do your children send text messages to their friends in class? Do your teenagers have a dangerous habit of texting while driving? Using iKeyMonitor SMS spy app, you will be able to view the SMS text messages sent and received on your children’s mobile phones.

parental control

Employee Monitoring

Some unethical employees may sell the company’s confidential information to competitors via SMS. In order to avoid the threat of insiders, register and install iKeyMonitor SMS tracker to learn about text messages and other Internet activities on employees’ mobile phones.

Monitor Your Employees

How to Spy on Text Messages with iKeyMonitor for Free?

  1. Sign up for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor SMS spy app.
    sign up
  2. Log in to the Online Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. You can go to Logs > Chats > SMS to check the text messages.
    sms chats

Spy on Text Messages with iKeyMonitor SMS Spy App

iKeyMonitor supports both Android and Apple devices, allowing you to remotely view someone’s SMS logs. Here are some of the benefits of using iKeyMonitor:

Spy on iMessages

iKeyMonitor iMessage spy app lets you see all incoming and outgoing text messages on iPhone or iPad. After installation, iKeyMonitor will automatically upload the logs to the Cloud Panel, and you can read them easily.

spy on imessage

Monitor Android Text Messages

iKeyMonitor allows you to see all sent or received SMS messages on an Android device. You can read the full contents of all messages, check details such as contact names and numbers, get time and date stamps.

Android Text message

Track Text Messages from Chat Messengers

With iKeyMonitor text monitoring app, you can track the chat messages on instant messengers such as Skype, Facebook, Line and more. After logging in to the Cloud Panel, you can check all the chat messages.

Track Text Messages from Chat Messengers

Access to Text Message Attachments

iKeyMonitor allows you to check text message attachments, including videos, photos, and audio. You can export the logs of attachments from your online dashboard and store them on your computer for future use.

Access to Text Message Attachments

Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages

After downloading and installing, iKeyMonitor enables you to recover the deleted SMS text messages on cell phones. Even if your children deleted the text messages immediately after viewing them, you can check the logs of the deleted text messages.


In addition to monitoring text messages, iKeyMonitor SMS spy app also tracks call logs, screenshots, keystrokes, call recording, GPS locations and more. It provides more than 30 features and works in automatic mode. Sign up and start monitoring now!

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    i wantto knowif the women im gonna marry is talking sms to other men sexual seeing other men i want to know im marrying a good “plaboy playmate” hmmmm

    admin says:

    Hi, just purchase Mobile spy and you’ll know everything

    Lucy says:

    Please!!!!!!!!!! I want to know if I can use your program with my “sidekick” (Tmobile)


    admin says:

    Hi, Lucy
    We support T-mobile Dash 6.0/Shadow/Wing which are windows mobile based phone.
    If your phone is windows mobile then it is supported.
    You need internet in the phone.
    Yes, you can read the messages sent and received.


    Support Team

    Andrew Wong says:

    Does it work on Sony Ericson?
    —HI, Yes , it works on Sony Ericson smartphones

    joao says:

    como é k faço para instalar o programa?tenho de instalar no meu telemovel e no do meu filho ou so no meu??

    melina loy says:

    shoud the software be downloaded into the target phone?
    ———Hi, yes the spy software needs to be downloaded into the target phone.

    Francisco says:

    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8320 or 8820 not sure i was wondering if this software works on this phone and if it dose how dose it install and how dose it work?

    jason says:

    need to find out if girlfriend is retrieving text messages from certain phone numbers and deleting them from her phone has nextel motorola

    minidiva says:

    Hi, i am from singapore. can this be downloaded into a singapore phone?

    Wikedpainter says:

    Hi I was wondering if this software can be installed on an Iphone 3gs, even though there’s a passcode active. Will the download load bypass this passcode?my better half is costantly texting behind my back and if I approach, she will press the button so it will activate the passcode. My life has taken a big change, and I don’t know how to deal with it, I just want the truth so I can feel better about myself when and if I do leave. Thank you

    rochelle fox says:

    what if you don.t have acess to the phone that you want to install it to what do you do

    alexis says:

    i really think my boyfriend is cheating but i don’t want to confront him or accuse him unless i know for sure. i do have access to his phone but i just can’t seem to catch him. have noticed that suddenly he never has any new texts from anyone but me. and i know he’s been texting. i’ve seen him doing it but if i come towards him or ask him what he’s doing by the time i get a look at the phone he’s back to his home screen or on the internet. please help

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