Six Tips for Balancing Technology Use with Other Childhood Activities

Six Tips for Balancing Technology Use with Other Childhood Activities

With increase in technology the learning in children have increased to some extent but not that much as it was expected to. Gradually, as the number of technological devices increased in fact performance of children begun to fall. Both parents and schools are investing in technology and expecting development in return. But in return these investments are bringing potential harms to children.

Many researchers suggest that with the increase in the screen time, children are becoming prone to screen addiction, aggression, depression, anxiety, dizziness and blurred vision. Hence, you should create a balance between technology use and other childhood activities.

1. Set Rules

Usually, the schools focus on acquiring the best things, it may be at the expense of interpersonal, cognitive and communication skill development. Both parents can teachers should make use of technology in a balanced way in order to enhance learning and skill development. You have to set up rules for each technological device so that children can use it in a balanced way.

Nowadays, there are lot more opportunities to express themselves in number of platforms. Words are very rarely used in the digital platforms and instead of words they make use of images, layouts pop-ups, hyperlinks, and sounds to create meaning in different ways. Nowadays, there are multimodal design and digital communication skills so you can’t prevent the children completely from using the technological devices, so you have to take steps to limit.

2. Figure Out Screen Needs

First of all, you have to look out for screen needs of your children so that they remain interactive and creative. You children shouldn’t be sitting passively watching a screen, or sitting through lecture-style content while watching the teacher flip through slides. That’s not necessary for them as they can go through the pages of the book. You can avoid educational software that requires children to engage in closed responses. You have to ensure that children make use of platforms that encourage creativity and support children to think for themselves is better for learning.

Today, we are in a world where technology plays a vital role in people’s lives. Technology has improved everything from business, education, entertainment to healthcare. With this, the children will grow with knowledge about computers, TV, smartphones, and the Internet but if you can make them understand what is essential and what not then you can very easily regulate screen time.

3. Lead By Example

According to various reports, the average age of children exposed to the use of technology is 6 years old. The usage of screen involves television, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Most of parents worldwide just allow their children to use technology. As a parent in this digital age, it is your primary responsibility to guide your children in using technology by providing them appropriate example. It’s true that technology has certain benefits in the growth and development of children, but if it is too much then that can be bad. In order to keep children in learning new things. Suppose they have potential in singing, enroll them in music classes. This will develop their skills and talents through action-based learning, where they can also socialize with other peers.

4. Set A Schedule

When children are get used to screen then their lifestyle becomes sedentary, which may increase their risk to different illnesses. Thus, it is important that you encourage your children to have an active lifestyle by setting up a proper schedule for them and engaging them in school physical activities or introducing them to sports. Do not prevent your children from using gadgets completely. Though you can set a limit on their allowable time of use. Thus, you can limit your children’s screen time up to two hours only and make a proper schedule when to use the screen and when not to use it. Usually, screens emit radiation and bright lights that may suppress the production of melatonin, make us sleep. Thus, make sure that children go to their bed on time.

5. Create Screen-Free Zones

You can designate areas or portions in home as “Screen-free” zones. This is done to ensure that children are not allowed to use any gadgets or even access any screen. It is essential to develop self-control preventing them from gadget addiction. You can use guidelines for managing time with technology. You should establish screen-free zones, and limit content and time appropriate to age and the curriculum of your children. Generally, this can be done by removing smartphones, turning off computers and keeping an area where children are not allowed to use any sort of screens. Before that you have to talk to your children about the consequences of excessive use of technology. They must know the damaging side effects of using smartphones, tablets, gadgets, and computers.

6. Monitor their Activities

The advantage of technology is that children can easily access information and research. Whereas it could also be a disadvantage as the screen usage does not have a limit on the content it provides to your children. Children can easily access inappropriate or violent content which are harmful for their development. You can make use of monitoring tool which allows you to filter various contents as well as block websites and apps that are not appropriate for your children. Most parents rely on technology to comfort their children nowadays.

For parents, it is essential to teach children various emotions. Similarly, you have to decide the amount of the time your children spend on screen. Suppose your children are getting bored then don’t offer them phones instead tell them to meet friends physically or involve them in certain sports or other activities. In this way, your children will learn to make a balance between technology and other activities. It is your primary role as a parent to teach them how to use technology in a better way. You should make use of technology itself in form of monitoring tool like iKeyMonitor to keep your children safe in the digital world.


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