Hoverwatch Review 2022 – How Does Hoverwatch Work 2024

Do you want to distinguish between the good and the bad among various spy apps? Our Hoverwatch review may play an essential role in your decision-making process. We will give you some opinions based on our research about Hoverwatch app. Below is a brief review of Hoverwatch’s functionality.

  1. Hoverwatch
  2. Hoverwatch is a cell phone tracker which is available for Android, Windows, and mac OS. Hoverwatch spy app records the activities performed by users such as messages sent and received, call history and audio, camera, and GPS locations. It tracks user activity and then sends data back to its server. You can view the logged information by logging into your account.


    • Android
    • Windows
    • MacOS

    Website: https://www.hoverwatch.com

    Domain Age: since 2014

    Pricing: $99.95/year Personal Package

    Security Level: Safe

    Hoverwatch Features Review

    Hoverwatch contains some basic tracking features, but it lacks some advanced features. For example, it does not have the feature of listening to phone surroundings. Call recording doesn’t work, or it’s impossible to listen to the recording sometimes. Besides, it can’t monitor some popular social chat applications such as Skype, Instagram, and Hangouts.

    Although Hoverwatch offers a free trial version, this version only provides limited features. Hoverwatch free trial lasts for three days and allows you to track up to five mobile phones and other devices. Hoverwatch is very slow to update, and it is a subscription service that charges you monthly. After canceling the subscription, you can only view the logs saved for the next 7 days.

    Hoverwatch Customer Support Review

    It provides two solutions when you encounter a problem. One is self-service, you can turn to the FAQ section to find answers yourself. Another way is to submit a request to get touched with the Hoverwatch support team, and the staff will offer a solution. Though most of the time the team can’t solve your problems timely. You can contact them to submit a request for refund within seven days of purchasing. But it has no live chat support to respond immediately. And it doesn’t offer a toll-free number.

    Customer Support Options

    • Ticket/Email

    Hoverwatch PROS Review

    • Free trial version
    • Inexpensive
    • Automatic operation

    Hoverwatch CONS Review

    • Limited features
    • Not compatible with iPhone
    • No live chat support
    • No toll-free number
    • Lacks the feature of listening to surroundings
    • Call recording doesn’t work sometimes

    Overall Rating

Review Summary

In summary, Hoverwatch is an affordable mobile tracker which offers users a set of basic tracking features. It runs silently in the background. We don’t recommend Hoverwatch for its limited compatibility. But if you are a user of Android device with basic requirements, you can choose Hoverwatch download for Android as an alternative. In addition, it lacks the feature of listening to phone surroundings. If you want to listen to phone surroundings of someone, it won’t work for you.



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