How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing 2024

How to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing? Many people are looking for the answer to this question. Some parents want to monitor their children’s WhatsApp, and some employers want to know if their employees are using WhatsApp to chat during work hours. Here, we provide three ways to help you track someone’s WhatsApp messages.

Why Do You Need to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

Parents worry about the safety of their children online, and employers want to protect the company’s interests. You can use a tool to read the WhatsApp messages or conversations on the devices of the people you care about, and you will eliminate worries.

Parental Control

Are your children using WhatsApp? Will they make friends with suspicious people? The online world is full of dangers, and your children may encounter child predators or cyberbullies. When you can read their WhatsApp messages, you will feel at ease because you know what they are going through. In this way, if you find that your children are dealing with some serious problems, you can help them.

parental control

Employee Monitoring

In a company, it is important for employers to prevent confidential information from being leaked. If you suspect that your employees are disloyal, you can read their WhatsApp messages through WhatsApp spy software. By monitoring the messages sent and received by your employees on WhatsApp, you can protect company interests.

Monitor Your Employees

Three Ways to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

What you need is a way to monitor WhatsApp remotely, so you won’t be discovered by anyone. Below we will show you how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing in a few minutes.

Using iKeyMonitor to Spy on WhatsApp for Free

With iKeyMonitor whatsapp spy app, you can read someone’s WhatsApp messages online free. Check the steps to monitor whatsapp messages remotely:

  1. First, sign up for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
    sign up
  2. Next, log in to the Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. Then, you can go to Logs > Keystrokes to check the keystrokes entered in WhatsApp.
    whatsapp keystrokes
  4. Last, you can go to Logs > Screenshots – app to see the screenshots of WhatsApp messages.
    whatsapp screenshots

Using Mac Spoofing Method to Read WhatsApp Messages

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp out of your device.
    uninstall whatsapp
  2. Get Wifi Mac Address of the target phone.
  3. On an Android, Go to Settings> About Phone> Status> Wi-Fi MAC Address.
  4. On an iPhone, Go to Settings> General> About> Wi-Fi Address.
  5. Install Busy Box and Terminal Emulator from Google Play Store.
    Busy Box
    Terminal Emulator
  6. Change the Wi-Fi MAC Address on your device to the address of the target device with Busy Box and Terminal Emulator.
  7. Install WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the target device.
  8. Get the verification code on the target device and then delete it.
  9. Log in to WhatsApp with the verification code.

Using WhatsApp Web to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser on your device and access the site:
  2. Tap on Settings and select Request Desktop Site.
  3. Access WhatsApp on the target device and tap on the Settings.
  4. Select WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  5. Scan the code on your device with the target device.
  6. Start reading WhatsApp messages.

FAQs about Reading Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

Is It Possible to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Their Phones?

Yes. After installing iKeyMonitor WhatsApp spy app on the target device, you can remotely read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phones.

How Can I Secretly Read Others’ WhatsApp Messages?

You need physical access to install iKeyMonitor on the target device. After installation, you are allowed to secretly read others’ WhatsApp messages on the cloud panel.

Can You Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Yes. iKeyMonitor records the WhatsApp messages deleted after the installation of the iKeyMonitor App. It can’t log the messages deleted before the installation.


You can refer to the above three methods to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. If you need to read WhatsApp messages on Android devices, you can use WhatsApp Web. If you want to monitor both Android and iOS devices, then iKeyMonitor is your best choice. It provides powerful features that allow you to remotely monitor WhatsApp activities. Sign up and start monitoring!


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