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PUBG Addiction: A Parent’s Guide 2023

PUBG Addiction: A Parent’s Guide

There are addictive games from past many years which provoke children but PUBG addiction came recently on the light. In 2017 after it was released it became one of the most popular games. It has been two years since then but the position if PUBG hasn’t changed. PUBG Mobile is the mobile version which is a free-to-play version of the game, has more users because of its popularity in Asian countries such as India and China. Recently a boy died after prolonged play over 45 days after which he suffered severe nerve damage. Hence, after that parents are quite worried about the effect of PUBG on children. They are taking numerous measures to protect children.

What Is PUBG Addiction?

PUBG is a game to which most children are getting addicted and it has been rated as a teen as violence and blood is involved in it. But still, many children play it and become addicted. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS that is PUBG has 100 players against one another in which the player’s main goal is to simply outlive the competition. Here are a few steps of playing this game:

  • Once a player is dropped on an isolated island, it is totally skill and luck that use the tools and equipment that is kept in that area to survive the game.
  • It depends on the skill and luck that what tools and equipment you can get from the surrounding area in order to survive.
  • There will be other players are also searching for the right tools to take you out. It’s not just the other competitor’s border of the play area sporadically shrinks, forcing players to occasionally sprint to a new section of the map.

What Are the Warning Signs of PUBG Addiction?

Today, video game addiction is considered a real mental health condition recognized by the World Health Organization. Every parent has to understand the warnings that they receive from the children about the PUBG then only they can take steps to stop PUBG addiction. These are the biggest warning signs for PUBG addiction, but there are other signs as well as being unable to focus without playing games. Here are a set of three criteria as warning signs:

Impaired control

You may find that your child is unable to control or limit their gameplay. Hence, they can’t stop the game when you need them for urgent work.

No interest in other activities

Your child’s life revolves around gaming in place of gaming revolving around their life. So, you will find that they are unable to concentrate on their studies or in any activity in which they are engaged.

Despite negative impact continue to play

Gaming harm their school grades, employment, or relationships. Even after knowing these impacts the children want to continue with the games.

How to Tackle PUBG Addiction?

Don’t wait for the situation when the problem will get worse. You must take action now. Here are a few practical things you can follow to stop the PUBG addiction in them:

Limit games

If you have a teen child you have to bring gaming down to two hours or less in each day. That means before granting access you have to ask your child to do either homework or exercise to get the access. You can use the screen time limit feature of a spy app to limit the time.

Find some other activities

Instead of games, you have to find some replacement activities. Gaming should not be the only thing that they do. You have to ensure that you are spending more time with them, increase their face-to-face interactions, and you are able to find competitive options such as sports.

Improve communication

You should not always say and prevent your child from gaming. You must remember that rapport creates trust, trust creates leverage, and leverage is required for influencing others. You must spend more time together hiking or doing activities together on the weekends. That means if you want changes in your child then you have to bring changes in your communication and parenting styles.

Use a spy app

Every parent has a teen child must have usage of the spy app on the child’s phone as a medium to be aware of the child’s activities so that they can take corrective actions against them.

How Does iKeyMonitor Work in Combating PUBG Addiction?

Even after implementing various other strategies your child may get addicted. So, you must know when your child is getting involved in the games that much that it is becoming a PUBG mobile addiction for them. Having an effective spy app like iKeyMonitor installed on their device enables you to know all their activities and hence you are able to take some other corrective measures. These are the features of iKeyMonitor:

  • It enables you to have a check on the activities of the child once you install it on your device and keep the access on your device.
  • The screen time limit features let you limit the access of the screen of the child’s device. You may ask them to complete some work then only provide access.
  • iKeyMonitor provides you effective ways by which you can help the child to get rid of PUBG addiction. Not only that it will enable you to know what are the other platforms where your child is investing their time the most.

Thus, it is essential to safeguard a child from PUBG addiction to keep them safe from all the hazards that such games can bring. Installing iKeyMonitor becomes essential as only when you are aware of their activities you will be able to prevent and protect them from such things.


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