How to Protect Your Kids from Mobile Game Addiction 2024

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How to protect kids from mobile game addiction? Currently, many children spend a lot of time playing games on mobile phones. According to a survey, a considerable number of children suffer from mobile game addiction. If your children are addicted to mobile games, then you need to take immediate measures. Keep reading to learn how to help your kids get rid of mobile game addiction.

What Is Mobile Game Addiction?

Mobile game addiction refers to a state where children’s obsession with mobile games is endless. Nowadays, in addition to social media addiction, mobile game addiction is also common among teenagers. There are many games in the mobile app market, such as Royal Battle, PUBG and Fortnight. These games are designed to be addictive. Check the mobile game addiction symptoms below:

  • Thinking about mobile gaming all or a lot of the time
  • Feeling bad when they can’t play mobile games
  • Needing to spend more and more time playing mobile games to feel good
  • Not being able to quit or even play less
  • Not wanting to do other things that they used to like
  • Using mobile gaming to ease bad moods and feelings

Mobile Game Addiction

Top Ways to Handle Mobile Game Addiction In Kids

To protect your children from mobile game addiction, try these tips for your kids alike:

Create A Game Routine

You can create game routines for your children. It is stipulated that they can only play games at certain times of the day. If they play mobile games for more than the specified time, they will be punished. If they take the initiative to complete homework or help you with housework, you can let them play their favorite mobile games for a while as a reward.

Create A Game Routine

Explore Alternative Activities

You can explore some alternative activities with your children, including various indoor and outdoor activities. Tell them about the benefits of outdoor activities to encourage children to participate in outdoor activities.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Monitor Your Kids’ Phones

You can consider using a parental control app, such as iKeyMonitor. With iKeyMonitor, you can remotely monitor the installed mobiles games on your children’s devices. In addition, you can block unwanted games or apps at a specific time.


Prevent Mobile Game Addiction With iKeyMonitor

There are many features in iKeyMonitor parental control app that allow you to prevent kids from mobile game addiction. Here are more benefits of using iKeyMonitor:

Block Unwanted Apps & Games on Your Kids’ Phones

iKeyMonitor allows you to block certain apps and games on your children’s devices. You can block mobile games at bedtime or homework time. You can also set the maximum daily usage time for unwanted mobile games.

block apps and games

Limit Screen Time to Prevent Mobile Game Addiction

iKeyMonitor enables you to remotely limit screen time on your children’s devices. You can set schedules to limit your children’s gaming time on the Cloud Panel.

Set Schedules

Check Installed Mobile Games on Your Kids’ Phones

iKeyMonitor enables you to see the complete list of installed apps on your children’s phones. If you find that your children have installed inappropriate mobile games, you can talk to your children.

check installed apps


As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring the healthy growth of your children. I recommend that you use iKeyMonitor parental control app to prevent your children from mobile game addiction. iKeyMonitor is a powerful spy app that offers more than 30 features. It allows you to monitor texts, calls, screenshots, keystrokes, installed apps and more. Sign up and start protecting your kids!

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