How to Protect Children from Online Grooming?

How to Spy on Your Children’s Android Mobile Phone

It is now more important than ever to use effective ways to protect children from online grooming in the current set-up where the world has become a global village. Although parents in the past could easily limit children’s online activities, it’s no longer that easy nowadays. Anyone with a device connected to the Internet can access the web easily without limitations. For children’s safety online, parents are obliged to use more secure ways to prevent their children from grooming when children have unlimited access to the Internet.

Signs of Online Grooming

In order to effectively guard your child against Cyber grooming, you need to know what to look out for. Maybe online grooming signs are not clear enough, but some changes in behaviour or personality could possibly indicate that your children are being groomed, which are listed below:

  • Children become over secretive especially about their online activities.
  • Children may access websites that they usually don’t visit such as violence, porn, drugs, alcohol.
  • Meeting with friends at uncommon places
  • Children have brand new gadgets of unknown origin
  • Keep a close relationship with guys who look older than them and spending much time with them
  • Some children may have sudden behaviour changes and become anxious, depressed and in low spirits.
  • Some children become aggressive, like to take adventures. They may don’t want to go to school and even skip class.

However, some of the abnormal behavior changes could also be the result of teenage tendencies. Knowing what your children are doing online and building up a good relationship with them will undoubtedly enable you to decipher any differences.

How Do Online Groomers Hurt Children?

Online groomers carry out their activities in the same way their physical counterparts do. They make friends with children and drawing their attention gradually. Having done that it becomes easy for children to share their thoughts and problems with the strangers online. Groomers pretend to understand children’s situation and give them appropriate advice and solutions that are acceptable to children.

The groomers then go a step further and start asking for children’s personal details and send gifts in return. Children are however cautious to keep their conversations private so as to maintain the friendship. They will build up a closer connection. As time passes by, children become victims of online predators unknowingly.

How Can Parents Protect Children from Online Grooming?

The online world is quite vast. Unless children offer to disclose the relationships they are having online, it can be hard for parents to know that children have become the victims of online groomers. Luckily, parents know they can monitor children’s mobile activities on their iOS/Android devices with the help of parental control apps. Take iKeyMonitor spy app for example, which not only allows you to monitor your children’s mobile activities but also limit the time amount that they spend on the devices. Whatever children do online, parents can know at once. As a result, children can engage in other healthy activities instead of spending all their time on the iPhone chatting with online groomers and being controlled. Prevent online grooming is more important than ever!

Take a look at how iKeyMonitor help parents protect their children from online groomers.

  • Record Chats with Online Groomers in Social Media Apps
    iKeyMonitor monitors all the chats in children’s social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Kik and more.  Even the chats with online groomers can be recorded by iKeyMonitor. In this way, parents are able to tell the real intention and identification of online groomers.
  • Log SMS Text Messages on Children’s iOS/Android Devices
    iKeyMonitor records incoming and outgoing SMS text messages on children’s mobile devices. In this way, parents can know what children always talk about, and who they often contact. If parents find that children are controlled by online groomers and become very depressed, parents are able to take timely actions to get children out of the trap.
  • Keyword Email Notifications
    Parents can use iKeyMonitor to set keywords which are connected with online groomers. In this way, parents can receive email notifications in time when children have triggered the keywords during the conversation with online groomers. 

  • Block Inappropriate Apps and Games
    The online groomers may lure children into downloading and playing some inappropriate apps and games, which may contain porn and violence. With iKeyMonitor, parents can secretly block these apps and games so that children can never access these apps.

With the features listed above and more, iKeyMonitor gives you an easy way to protect children from online grooming. You not only know what children have talked with online groomers but also do something meaningful to prevent the harm that online groomers may bring to children.


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