How to Protect Your Children from Online Grooming

How to Spy on Your Children’s Android Mobile Phone

How to protect your children from online grooming? In the era when computers and mobile phones almost rule the world, you should realize that online grooming is one of the biggest threats on the Internet. Therefore, you need to know how to protect your children from being groomed online.

What Is Online Grooming?

Grooming is the act of building up an emotional relationship with minors, usually with the purpose of sexual exploitation. Online sexual grooming is the act of grooming through an online platform, such as social media or messaging platforms. Some changes in behavior or personality could possibly indicate that your children are being groomed online, which are listed below:

  • Children’s behavior becomes secretive, especially with regard to their online activities.
  • Children maintain close relationships with people who appear to be older than them and spend a lot of time with them.
  • Some children may experience sudden emotional changes, such as becoming anxious or depressed.
  • Some children became aggressive. They may not want to go to school or class.

What Is Online Grooming?

How to Protect Your Children from Online Grooming?

Here are three ways that can help you prevent your children from online grooming.

Talk to Your Children About Sex

You should use age-appropriate content to talk to your children about sex. You can teach your kids what a “good” or “bad” touch is and what they should do when they others ask to see their private parts or talk about having sex with them.

talk to kids

Keep Personal Information Private

Tell your children to keep their personal information private. Private details that can identify them in the real world-name, age, gender, phone number, home address, school name, and photo-can only be shared with people they know.

Keep Personal Information Private

Monitor Your Children’s Online Activities

You can use iKeyMonitor to monitor your children’s online usage/activities. Try to learn the platforms they use, and join these platforms to understand their purpose.


Prevent Online Grooming with iKeyMonitor

Fortunately, you can use a parental control app to monitor your children’s mobile activities on iOS/Android devices. iKeyMonitor can not only monitor children’s mobile activities, but also limit the time they spend on their devices. Take a look at how iKeyMonitor helps protect your kids from online grooming.

Capture Screenshots to Detect Suspicious Photos

iKeyMonitor regularly captures screenshots on your children’s phones. You can check these screenshots to see if your children are being groomed online. If you detect suspicious photos, you can take timely measures to protect your kids.

Capture Screenshots

Track Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed

iKeyMonitor tracks every keystroke typed on your children’s phones. By viewing the keystroke history, you can know if your children have become the targets of online grooming.

Track Keystrokes

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities

iKeyMonitor allows you to set keyword alerts on your children’s mobile phones. You can set words related to online grooming as keywords. Once these keywords are triggered, you will immediately receive email alerts.

get alerts


The above are three effective ways to protect your children from online grooming. iKeyMonitor provides you with multiple functions to protect your children. It allows you to monitor calls, SMS, call recording, GPS location and more. Sign up and start protecting!


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