How to Protect Your Child from Online Trolling?

Protect Your Child from Online Trolling

Today, the world is filled with both weird as well as beautiful things, as a parent, online trolling is something that may worry you always. The Internet offers us the opportunity to access all those things. Unfortunately, with good things, bad also comes in our way. Once your child is active on social media, people will comment on things they post. These comments can be positive, as well as harmful. Trolling is a negative behavior that your child may face online on social media. A troll is referred either to the person posting the comments or the comment itself. These attacks are often insulting or threats to the victim of the attack.

What Is Online Trolling?

In the process of trolling, trolls tend to want to remain anonymous and keep their online and real identity separate. Social media is their ideal place to troll. Often, they may say incredibly hurtful things which may sometimes even express sexist, racist, or homophobic views. Their sole aim is winding people up. Today, online trolling culture has become weird that people aspire to be trolls. Some of the essential facts of trolling that every parent must know:

  • The main aim of trolling is to create havoc as much as possible.
  • The primary mission of a troll in life is to provide inflammatory opinions mischievously.
  • Trolling is done to gather attention or interaction, and they do this by posting silly, insulting, or off-topic comments which move towards harassment or stalking.
  • At times the comments are not only obscene and offensive but also hurt others in some way.

What Are the Effects of Online Trolling?

It is quite challenging to find out whether the troll is merely providing empty threats to upset others, or whether they mean it. That means that they are not just saying, but they will attempt to carry out the risks they make. You don’t know who’s behind the account it can be a convicted criminal. If your child receives any such malicious threats or abuse online, you should immediately report it to the police. Here are some of the effects of online trolling:

  • There is a possibility of argumentative or offensive statements from the trolls to get attention and start arguments.
  • It can cause harm to a person or group of people. They are looking to hurt or upset specific people and usually don’t care who they upset, as long as they can stir up trouble for their entertainment.
  • Trolls want to cause offense, upset, start arguments, especially with teens and children, and watch it all play out.
  • They caught the attention that if they didn’t get it, they might leave and look for it elsewhere or sometimes harass the child more.

How to Deal with Internet Trolls?

There are various things that parents can do to safeguard their children. Some people suggest to avoid trolls but completely ignoring such behavior while it continues isn’t always the best option. Troll is trying to cause offense doesn’t mean that they aren’t succeeding because when they make an online space unwelcoming or unsafe for other people in that space, it doesn’t matter if they’re doing it for attention. Here are a few things parents can follow in dealing with trolls:

1. Teach kids to defend themselves

Because trolls and cyberbullies can create online spaces unsafe for others, especially children and teens, so they need to know how to stand up for themselves online. That doesn’t mean that they have to start a conversation with trolls themselves. Parents can teach teens to defend themselves online by reporting the trolls on the sites that they visit.

2. Take Screenshots of the Trolls

Kids should be taught to take screenshots of the trolls as that can be used as evidence. Often trolls delete their comments to avoid being removed or having their posting privileges limited on that site. You should teach your child to document evidence by taking screenshots, report the troll, and then block them.

3. Use a spy app

Some teens may not prefer to report the parents about trolling. So, if you want to stop online trolling, then you can use a spy app on their device and keep an eye on all the posts and suppose you come across the troll then you have the opportunity to report it remotely without even the children knowing about it.

How iKeyMonitor Helps Deal Online Trolling?

If your child witnesses a trolling but isn’t a victim themselves, they should still document evidence. It can also help you to reach out to the troller’s target. Sometimes it’s enough to log off and walk away from the screen. The more you know about your child’s online activities, you will have a better idea to deal with the types of trolling they are facing. That’s where the role of spy app iKeyMonitor comes into play. It will help you to keep a check on their online activities and provide the best advice to the child and protect children from online trolling. Here are some of the features of the iKeyMonitor:

  • It allows you to track your children remotely, and you can monitor their online activity without their knowledge.
  • You can view a screenshot of your child’s online activity on the Cloud Panel.
  • Besides, you can choose to set an alert word for notifications so that you can take steps to protect your child on time.

Thus, it can be said that as long as the Internet is there good and bad things will remain. Online trolling is a common phenomenon that happens to your child or teen while using the Internet. Parents can easily tackle trolling by using a parental monitoring app like iKeyMonitor and keep a check on all the online activities of the child. If you find anything suspicious like trolling then immediately report it and secure your child.


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