mSpy Leaked the Login Credentials and the iCloud Accounts for about A Million Paying Customers 2024

To protect your safety and privacy, please read the news and take necessary actions if you have an account with mSpy.

The phone spy app mSpy leaked the login credentials and the iCloud account for about a million paying customers — on an open database, according to a report from cybersecurity expert and journalist Brian Krebs.

It means both the customers and the targets of the spy software had their data exposed. Krebs said the leak affected more than a million paying customers.

The leaked data included the usernames and login credentials of the company’s customers, as well as the iCloud account information and WhatsApp and Facebook messages of the phones that mSpy software was monitoring.


If you are a customer of mSpy, it is suggested to change all your passwords and delete the data on mSpy system to protect your privacy and safety.

If you use iKeyMonitor as the only exclusive app, then you are safe, and you can ignore the news.


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