Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone? 2024

Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone? Have you thought about this before purchasing a smartphone for your child? This has become one of the current issues related to the health and development of children in their parents. As current technology grows, kids will give you the pressure to buy a smartphone as one of their wish lists. However, it is important to know if it is suitable for them, as some studies have shown that children using smartphones at certain ages can affect their health in a negative way. Although your child is very old, we always recommend parental guidance due to exposure of online content, which can sometimes hurt your child. Some of these dangers are related to cyberbullying and sexual behavior, as well as online predators seeking to use your child.

When Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

When determining when your child is ready for a smartphone, it is important to consider the age of the child. This is because some children are prepared at an earlier age, while others need some time to prepare for a smartphone. In fact, even young children like to play games on mobile phones and tablet computers. In most cases, the recommended age for children with a smartphone is 13 years old. However, this may vary depending on the child’s maturity. You need to use effective tools to control their use to avoid misuse of your smartphone. You must consider these questions before you give your child a smartphone:

1. What is your child’s social skills?

Can she talk to adults and look at people’s eyes when talking to someone? Is it a little helpless for children to observe in social situations? If it is the latter, the lack of social skills can only be amplified by smartphones.

2. Does your child respect and follow the rules?

If your child insists on adhering to the rules at home and/or school, then the child is not prepared to take responsibility for the smartphone. If you can’t believe that your child is doing the right thing, postpone this important decision.

3. Does your child know how to use a smartphone responsibly?

Before allowing children to use their smartphones, parents must tell them how safe, appropriate and appropriate to use their smartphones. Once the child receives the smartphone, he must continue to guide, monitor and model the correct smartphone behavior.

Parents’ Contribution to Children’s Preparation to Use a Smartphone

According to experts, the preparation of the child is not only determined by the child, but also by the parents. It is said that it depends on whether your child is ready to enter the adult world. In addition, it will be based on the preparations parents have made for their children before purchasing a smartphone so that they can use their mobile devices healthily and responsibly. Some factors you need to consider before purchasing a smartphone for your child include:

1. Are you ready as a parent to responsibly monitor a smartphone?

The responsibility for using a smartphone is not only for children, but also for parents. Parents should always guide their children on how to use their smartphones safely and appropriately. This should be a process and you should educate your child to use the smartphone correctly.

2. Have you agreed on the family screen time plan with your family?

Screen limits should be set to control the child’s usage. When your child is ready for a smartphone, you should also record your child’s restrictions on the screen. If you are having a dispute with your child while using your smartphone, please pay attention to this first. If they have been playing video games or spending a lot of time on their smartphones, then providing them with one will be a huge challenge for you. Therefore, you should be sure to avoid this and make sure they can balance the use of your smartphone.

Disadvantages of a Smartphone to Your Child

While it’s good to have a smartphone for your child, there are some drawbacks to your child’s use of a smartphone. In fact, at some point, you can use your iKeyMonitor and other tools to monitor your child’s use of your smartphone. This smartphone exposes your child to an unknown world, which can be very damaging to your child. Some of the disadvantages that smartphones give your child include:

1. Exposure to online predators

Online predators are all over searching to lure kids and taking advantage of them. These online predators may end up having sexual relationships with your kid, among other annoying actions.

2. Inappropriate Media

Children may use their smartphones for the wrong purpose. Most children find pornography in these ways. In addition, children may share their own images irresponsibly.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Monitoring Child’s Smartphone

Well, there are many reasons why you should give your child a phone. However, with the current trends in the online world, it has become one of the risk decisions you can make as a parent. This is due to your child exposing online content, online predators, cyberbullying and many other negative exposures. However, iKeyMonitor is completely designed to keep your child safe. iKeyMonitor is a powerful tracking app for iPhone, iPad and even Android, the best parental control app you’ll find. With iKeyMonitor, you will enjoy the following features:

1. Comprehensive tracking features

Call history logs, websites visited, Geo-fencing, GPS Tracking, Call recording and more. This will be good for checking your child’s whereabouts and who they are contacting.

2. Phone controls

It offers app blocker, screen time limits, and schedules feature. This is crucial for controlling what content your child can access and when they can use their smartphone.

3. Universal monitoring

It monitors different kind of social media accounts including WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and more.

In conclusion, it’s best to figure out the question: is your child ready for a smartphone. However, you will always need to make sure that they use their smartphones responsibly. In addition, when they use a smartphone, you can implement parental controls by tracking their online activities. We recommend using iKeyMonitor, a perfect parental control tool that protects you from sexual assaulters, cyberbullies and more.


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