Is the Voxer App Safe for Students?

Voxer App

The Voxer app is a messaging application where users can send real-time voice messages from their smartphones to other users. In addition to sending voice messages, users can also use it to send photos, GIFs and text messages. There may be predators or other malicious people on this app. Therefore, if your child uses this app, you need to be careful.

What Is Voxer?

Voxer is a popular chat application for teenagers, which allows its users to communicate with each other through voice messages or text messages. Most teenagers often use this app to chat. However, there are many teenagers or online predators who send, receive, and forward inappropriate photos, especially photos with sexual cues through text messages. Parents must understand this application to protect children from their abuse. Here are some facts about the Voxer application:

  • A free messaging app for your smartphone with live voice, text, photo and location sharing.
  • Users can use Voxer to send individual or group chats.
  • Voxer offers end-to-end encryption, so when users create a Private Chat, only the person who is receiving the message can listen, read, or see it.

Why Should Parents Care?

Many children use the Voxer application for cyberbullying. Therefore, if your child uses the Voxer application on a smartphone, you should consider checking your child’s Internet activity. When using this application, the configuration file will be made public, and other users of the application can easily access your child’s personal details, such as their name, location, and phone number. Here are the reasons why you should monitor this application:

1. Cyberbullying

Users do not need to go through a mobile service provider to use Voxer with other users. This means that unwise teenagers can use Voxer to send bullying messages, chat with strangers, or send inappropriate photos between users.

2. No Privacy

By default, profiles are public and other users can access your child’s personal information like name, location, and phone number. Users can even zoom in to find the approximate location of Voxer’s friend and the street where he is currently.

3. Online Predators

Some predators can contact your child on the app by using your child’s name or email addresses.

What Can Parents Do?

Today, cyberbullying cases are increasing dramatically. Your child may be a victim or cyberbullyer. In both cases, you are responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect your child from the Voxer application. Most importantly, you must educate your child about the harmful consequences that the application may cause. In addition, many users include links in comments or messages, which may be inappropriate. Therefore, you must teach your children not to talk to strangers on Voxer, and not to click on links from unknown sources. Here are some measures that parents can take to protect their children:

1. Use A Tool to Monitor Voxer App

To know what your child is doing on Voxer, the best way is to use a monitoring tool. iKeyMonitor keep tracks of all online activities of your child on the mobile phone. This way you can take measures to protect your child when they are in danger or trouble.

2. Have A Tech Talk with Child

Tell your children that their private messages are not private on the Internet and may be easily published on social media platforms. In addition, assure them that whenever there is a cyberbullying situation, the child can easily find you and discuss with you freely.

3. Encourage Kids to Make Friends Offline

Encourage your children to make offline friends instead of making friends with strangers on the Internet. Tell them the benefits of having real-world friends and let your children learn to share their feelings in a healthy way.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Monitoring Kids?

If you have allowed your child to access the Voxer app without mentioning healthy online habits, then it will be difficult for you to find that your child is safe. In this case, a monitoring application like iKeyMonitor can help you. Even children who have had health discussions with you about using the app need to be monitored. Just install the application on their devices and monitor their activities. Here are some key features of this program:

1. Monitor Chat Messages

It enables you to monitor chat messages on social messaging apps like Voxer, Skype, Snapchat and more. If you find that your child has been bullied on Voxer, you can identify the bully and protect your child.

2. Check Installed Apps

With iKeyMonitor, you can check the complete list of installed apps in the target devices. Check your child’s download list to see if he downloaded the Voxer app.

3. Capture Screenshots

It regularly captures screenshots on the target device. If your child is bullied on Voxer, you can use the screenshot of the bullying messages as evidence and take corresponding measures.

By using parental control applications, such as installing iKeyMonitor, you can monitor and track your child’s Internet activities. It monitors text messages, call history, keystrokes, photos and videos. If you discover misconduct, you can take immediate action to protect your children from danger and trouble.


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