Is New Instagram ‘Threads’ App Safer Than Snapchat? 2024

Is New Instagram ‘Threads’ App Safer Than Snapchat?

There are lots of new apps that are introduced every day, similarly, new Instagram thread app has been introduced. Now it becomes the responsibility of you to find out that the newly introduced apps are safer for children or not. Snapchat has been considered unsafe due to its reputation for stealing information from the accounts. Facebook introduced Threads, an app for Instagram that sounds, looks, and feels suspiciously like Snapchat. But there are important differences between it and Snapchat that you should know about if you want to protect your children from getting in a trap. Besides that, if you are aware of the details then you can make your children aware of it.

What Is ‘Threads’ App?

Threads is a photo-sharing app for your Close Friends. That implies sharing photos with the people you’ve designated as a Close Friend on Instagram. But in reality, it’s basically another messaging app, which is just more photography-based and tied to Instagram. It has a reaction to the fake accounts that users share only with actual close friends as it was in Snapchat. Here are a few more details that you must know about Threads app:

  • You must know about the settings that are quite useful for protecting the child from the hazards of the app. A lot of people have moved from Facebook towards Instagram to ensure safety which lacked in Snapchat.
  • You must know the ways to set the privacy settings on Instagram that enables you to find out who follows your children. In case someone wants to follow your children then they have to send a request for approval. Only when children approve, they can follow view your children’s pictures in the app.

Is ‘Threads’ App Safe?

Whether Threads app is safe or not depends on the parent’s definition of “safe.” You leave the fact that there are risks of using social media, then there are some points of concern for you. The first is “Auto Status”, which is an optional setting that will update a person’s list by drawing from location data, movement, and network connections to show friends where a person is, in vague terms. Auto Status would update to “At a cafe” rather than giving a specific address that is really safe. Here are some of the points which will clarify whether the Thread app is safe or not:

  • In this app friends’ lists aren’t shared with other users unless you tell them in person. Therefore, if you’re worried about your teen’s less pleasant friends, this may be a medium by which they talk to children without your knowledge.
  • It is also not at all clear at this point whether Threads will share Snapchat’s parental controls and if it does that will really add to the safety of the children and it would become easier for you to track children.
  • But among some of the upsides of the app one is that users can’t contact users if they’re not “Close Friends” so there’s no spam to tackle. Apart from that, there are no addictive features like Snapstreaks, but these advantages may not outweigh the downsides.

Should You Worry About ‘Threads’ App?

Most probably you should not keep worrying about the Threads app, but it’s worth looking at the settings of your parental control app and have a check whether Threads contradicts your family’s general rules. The app, may not be around for long because the history of Facebook is full of failed messaging apps. But you should know what Threads is so they can decide if it’s acceptable for their kids to use. The thing about which you should worry about is how the app is being used and how that may intersect with your broader family agreement about phones, messaging, and media that you should remain concern about. Here are some of the reasons which will make you clear whether you should worry about the Threads app or not:

  • In there are certain people you don’t want your kids to talk to then in that situation Threads could be a problem. But Threads is designed in such a way that it can be curated, so if children are willing to share who their “Close Friends” are with you, then this may introduce you to the wider world of photo social media.
  • It is necessary that you consider the matter of privacy. It may provide the kids a measure of personal freedom that’s lacking when you’re constantly looking over their activities.
  • You should not rely on any app blindly instead you must set the boundaries for children that they can’t cross, and this can more effective in many families. Everyone needs some emotional space, especially online, and Threads may be a useful way to grant that.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Monitoring ‘Threads’ App

iKeyMonitor is a monitoring app that can function well on iPhone as well as on other iOS/Android devices and helps you to monitor the Threads app as well. Once it is installed on the concerned device it allows the users to keep a track of the app and all the activities performed through it. It not only enables you to check the Threads app but even other apps that are present on the device.  Here are the features of iKeyMonitor which help in monitoring the Threads app:

  • You can check the list of the installed apps, and block the Threads apps. You can also access the photos and videos of the target device on which it is installed.
  • It has advanced features like keystroke tracking, call recording and listening to phone surroundings. This will enable you to keep track of all your kids’ actions on the mobile device.
  • iKeyMonitor also allows you to set multiple safe and forbidden zones which aids in protecting kids through geo-fencing feature that is present in the spy app.

iKeyMonitor enables you to have a check on all such activities performed on the Threads app so that you can ensure that children are always safe online from such hackers and predators.

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