Is Keylogger Legal Or Illeagal? 2024

Keylogger is software installed into the computer to log or record keystrokes typed, including passwords, websites visited, chat conversations, applications used, and which even secretly records all the activities that take place on a computer. Definitely, there is privacy issues at stake here, people are wondering whether there are any laws regarding when they use Keylogger software, and is Keystroke logger legal or illegal?

First of all, it needs to be cleared that keystroke spy software itself is not illegal at all like any other utility software developed by a third party. The key logger developers have started and continued to create their programs exclusively for legitimate purposes for parents to protect teens from online abuse, and for companies to monitor employees during working hours. In spite of the surreptitious nature of keystroke logger’s delivery and installation, these actions are required authorizations or permissions. That is to say keystroke logger software is legal to install on any computer by the person who owns the devices.

Even so, keystroke tracking app are used to record information in an illegal manner which is the point leading to controversial issues. Hackers send key logger to others and steal piracy information by hacking into their bank, email, and online games accounts, etc. As far as privacy is concerned, the using of key logger is definitely illegal. The installation without computer owner’s permission or administrator’s knowledge is illegal as well.

How to make sure you use key logger but not be involved in any law issues?

  • Install key logger software on the computers you own. Hint others of the key logger installed if they use your computer.
  • It is completely legal manner that parents using key logger to monitor children’s online activity to make sure they don’t visit pornographic web sites or don’t make any dubious acquaintances.
  • Employers keeping tracking employees’ computer activities may be controversial. Notify them of the fact that they are being monitored, and what is being monitored, it will be perfectly legal.
  • Make sure you get the administrator’s permission if you want to install key logger software on a device which does not belong to you.
  • Do not try to crack others personal accounts or password by using key logger, which is unscrupulous, indeed, illegal as well.
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