Android Keystroke Logger Enables You to Track All Keystrokes 2024

Is there any Android keystroke logger to use? How do you feel as a parent when you constantly don’t know what your kids are up to? Or as an employer who doesn’t fully trust the activities of his employees? Most of the time, it is quite frustrating, but luckily, iKeyMonitor keylogger for Android helps you solve the problem.

Android Keystroke Logger is the best spy app that allows parents and employers to keep an eye on the activities of their kids and employees. What this wonderful app does is it tracks every keystroke that pressed on the device of the user without raising any suspicion. It improves office productivity.

It monitors installed apps on the target device by recording the keystrokes. iKeyMonitor android spy app records every character entered on the virtual keypad on the phone. It includes Facebook, Skype, Viber, WeChat and more.

iKeyMonitor Keystroke Logger users can view the spying logs locally on the device, or remotely by Online Cloud Account.

The best part about iKeyMonitor Android Keystroke Logger is it can record any keystroke in your own language irrespective of your location or input language. It is widely used as a Parental Control App for iPhone, iPad, and Android device.

Parents and employers can use iKeyMonitor Android Keystroke Logger to:

  • Keep an eye on what employees or children are exchanging in text messages
  • Become aware of where they go in your absence
  • Easily know/check who they are calling, and who calls them
  • Find out what they are doing at a particular moment
  • Get a hint of their surrounding environment
  • Remote access the mobile device under suspicion

The Features of Android Keystroke Logger

iKeyMonitor Android keystroke logger has a wide range of features that are beneficial to the user which makes it the best android keylogger. Some of those features are:

  • Monitors call history and video
  • View all recent sent and received text messages
  • Log the date and time of incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Read messages from social platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Gmail, etc
  • Gain access to the screenshots of mobile activity
  • Record keystrokes pressed on the phone
  • Track the location of a child or employee

Android Keystroke Logger is one of the best tracking software among many other similar apps. It is a good monitoring solution for those who seek to keep a closer look on your kids to protect them from dangers by observing their online activities. With which parents are allowed to supervise their children’s internet usage.

So, if you are a parent or an employer, and you want to see what your children or employees are doing and who they’re talking to on their mobile devices. Then get the iKeyMonitor Android Keystroke Logger, and you are assured a wonderful experience.

Keystroke Logger for Android: Keep Everything under Control

Have you ever been wondering where you can download an effective keystroke logger for Android smartphone which are being used by your children or employees? Don’t you want to figure out whom on earth your children are texting with their Android device? Do you want to calculate how much time your employees have spent in conducting non-work related activities when they are supposed to stay focused on work? Do you want to find out the secrets automatic behind Android device? You may need a professional keystroke logger for Android to solve all your problems.

How Is Keystroke Logger for Android Useful?

An effective and professional keystroke logger for Android phone such as iKeyMonitor enables you to keep tabs on the target Android phone from all aspects by recording all the keystrokes inputted on the target device. By viewing the monitoring logs, you are able to detect whether your children or employees have conducted inappropriate behaviors, and you can take furthermore actions to prevent them from straying from the right path in advance.

Log All Keystrokes Inputted

All the keystrokes inputted on the target Android device will be logged in detail, including usernames and passwords, date and time when the keystrokes are typed, and even which applications are used.

Record Email Content

iKeyMonitor keystroke logger for Android smartphone also records all the email content typed and sent on the target Android device, either sent or deleted, including the detailed time and date, and recipients.

Text Messages in Chat Apps

All the text messages sent through SMS/WhatsApp/Hike/Facebook will also be recorded in detail so that you can know whether the target Android device user has contacted some suspicious or potentially dangerous person, or encountered trouble.

Log Visited Websites

The search items inputted when the target Android device user searches the Internet will be recorded as well. In such a way, you will know whether the user has visited inappropriate websites.

View Monitoring Logs Remotely

iKeyMonitor Android keylogger will send all the monitoring logs to you through a preset Email so that you can view the logs remotely with any device connected to the Internet.

Besides logging all the keystrokes inputted, iKeyMonitor Android keystroke logger also captures screenshots for every preset interval time to visually show what has been done on the target Android device. With all these powerful monitoring features, iKeyMonitor enables you to keep everything under control. Besides, iKeyMonitor provides a three-day free trial for all users. Why not have a try now?

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