How to Spy on an iPhone with iPhone Spying Software

Do you want to figure out what your children do with their iPhone? Do you want to know what your employees do when they work outside? How to use iPhone spying software? All these questions are common for people nowadays, why? Because with times past by development, people spend more time using digital devices, from computers to cell phones, which are all changing our lives. Many people prefer to use their iPhone to send messages to others, surf the Internet, read e-books and much more. If you want to know what happens to your children or your employees, iKeyMonitor iPhone spying software comes into being to help all iPhone users monitor the common activities they do with their iPhone.

Monitor Text Messages with iPhone Spying Software

Texting message is one of the most primitive reasons why people used to have a mobile phone – communicate with each other by sending SMS messages. Because with the rapid development of science and technology, the purpose of using the iPhone to make calls has already reduced, people nowadays prefer to text messages with each other. The iPhone tracker helps people monitor and record both incoming and outgoing text messages on the iPhone, so you can easily know the iPhone user’s text activity. The spying software will record all detailed things for you, such as the phone numbers of the senders or recipients, the date when the messages are sent or received.

Keep an Eye on Social Networking Sites

With many social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. most kids already have their fill of virtual networking on the Internet by using their iPhone. It has become easier than before to find and talk with friends online because you can share all things no matter when and where you want. But teens also can easily be oversharing, meeting predators and getting addicted, so iPhone spying app seems more important and essential for parents to use it to keep track of your kid’s social networking activity. This spy software for the iPhone allows people to record all messages that users post, comment, view on their social networks.

Use iPhone Spy Software to Record Chat Logs

Chatting online is a very popular way for people to communicate with friends. Many young children prefer to chat with people online rather than face-to-face communication. Many parents found that children prefer to chat with online strangers rather than talking with them. And they don’t know what children are talking about at all. The best spying app for iPhone records all messages that your children typed with their iPhone so you can know clearly about what they often chat with, whom they chat with and more.

Keep Track of Websites History

The iPhone spyware keeps track of all websites that your kids or employee visited on the Internet with their iPhone. Because there is a lot of bad information occurring on the Internet, a recent survey showed that more than 70% of young people have viewed porn or violent web pages on the Internet with their iPhone. Thus parents should take more attention to your kids’ online behavior with the iPhone monitoring software.

iKeyMonitor iPhone spying software is the first and best spy application to keep an eye on the mobile activities. If you are parents who want to protect children from cyberbullying, porn, violence online, or employers who want to find out whether employees are wasting time doing non-work related activities with the company-offered iOS devices, iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app helps you solve all the problems effectively.


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