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iPhone XS Spy App 2022

iPhone Tracking App

Since the new iPhone XS came to market, many people ask when they’ll be able to purchase an iPhone XS spy app. iPhone XS spy app is now supported by iKeyMonitor. Most of the current spy phone app vendors are working on releasing support for the iPhone XS with iOS 12. Most likely, you’ll start to see the first iOS spy application hits the market in the coming weeks.

General Features of iPhone XS Spy App

You can buy iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone XS when it is released, the features include:

Read Emails

This iPhone XS spy app enables you to read all incoming and outgoing emails.

View Call Logs

This iPhone spy app will show you all the call history made/received on the iPhone XS.

GPS Tracking

With this feature, you can keep track of locations of the iPhone XS. You won’t worry about lost your iPhone XS anymore.

Read SMS Messages

This iPhone XS spyware can record all the incoming and outgoing SMS messages.

View Photos and Videos

The iPhone XS spy app will show you all the photos captured on the iPhone XS.

View Browser History

This will show you all the websites visited on the iPhone XS.

Special Features in Spy App for iPhone XS

The above iPhone XS spy features are the most common features of iPhone spy apps. All these spy features will be included when the iPhone XS spy app hit the market. However, there is a chance that some advanced features will also be included. These features are:

Spy On chat Messages

This iPhone XS spy feature will enable you to read all chat conversations. You can read both sides of the conversation so that you’ll never miss a thing.

Remote Spy

The iPhone Spy app will enable you to remotely monitor the iPhone XS.

Surrounding Sound

The iPhone XS spy tool enables you to secretly listen to the surrounding sound of the target iPhone.

iKeyMonitor iPhone XS spy app provides you with reliable and secure monitoring features so that you can use them to keep everything under control. Click the “Sign up free” button below to experience the free version now!


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