Top 4 Instagram Safety Tips for Teens 2024

For parents, Instagram safety tips are quite useful for protecting the child from the hazards of social media. A lot of people have moved from Facebook towards Instagram to ensure safety. But no matter what platform you are in you are always prone to various hazards. Even on Instagram, teenagers may experience cyberbullying, receive hate email, and browse to inappropriate pictures and profanity. Do you know how to stay safe on Instagram? try to follow various tips to keep your children safe on Instagram.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media app that people use to share photos, videos, and messages. Whether through Stories, Feed, Live, IGTV, or Direct, teenagers can use Instagram to celebrate major milestones, share daily moments, and stay in touch with friends and family. Instagram allows you to follow people and be followed by them, but it is not necessarily a two-way road. You can follow someone, even if they are not following you, and vice versa. Users with private accounts can control who can follow them. Unless you change the default value to private, anyone can see what you post.

  • A social media app that people use to share photos, videos, and messages.
  • It allows you to follow people and be followed by them.
  • If you don’t change the default value to private, then anyone can see what you post.

Hazards of Instagram for Teens

Although Instagram may seem like a harmless social network, there are many risks of being on Instagram for children and adolescents. As parents, you need to know about these hazards.

1. Hate Messages and Comments

Strangers may send hate or threatening messages to your children via Instagram.

2. Inappropriate Content

Models may post photos and videos that are inappropriate for kids to see. Such content is present all over Instagram and cannot even be filtered.

3. Addiction to Instagram

Instagram and cigarettes are exactly the same when it comes to addiction. Once your kid enters into the world of Instagram, there’s no looking back.

Instagram Safety Tips for Parents

The parents’ guide to Instagram must be obtained by the parents who want to keep their children safe while accessing Instagram. You should check your children’s account and find out if there is anything suspicious. If you find anything wrong in any post of your children. You can ask them to delete the post.

1. Ask Children Not to Share Personal Info Online

One of the safety tips for parents of Instagram users is to tell their children: Never publish their personal information on the Internet. All information on the network is transparent.

2. Set up Privacy Settings on Children’s Instagram

You need to set up privacy settings on Instagram on your children’s smartphone. It will help you find out the person who follows your kids. If someone wants to follow them, then they have to send a request for approval. Only when your kids approve, they can follow and see all the pictures. It is useful to keep away all unwanted followers. If privacy settings are not enabled, then anyone can search your children’s profile and find their pictures.

3. Report Problematic Posts

If you find a post containing pornography, violence, or abuse, you can report the post in time. Tell your child how to report.

4. Have A Conversation with Children

Have a technological conversation with your child. Make rules for using Instagram to let your children know the consequences of breaking the rules. Agree with your child on issues such as screen time, apps used, etc.

How iKeyMonitor Helps monitor instagram?

Over the years, you have been wondering how to stay safe and secure on Instagram. Now, using a spy app on your children’s device is quite easy. You should know all their online activities for your children’s safety.  Simply install a spy app on your children’s device and check all the actions on it. If you keep track of their devices, you’ll know who they’re following and who is asking for approval. With spy apps like iKeyMonitor, you can even block some unwelcome people. iKeyMonitor is a parental control app for iPhone and Android devices. It monitors WhatsApp, blocks apps, captures screenshots, records calls, tracks GPS location, monitors text messages, websites visited, and much more. Some important features of the spy app are:

1. Monitor What Teens Have Posted on Instagram

It monitors the screenshots on your children’s mobile phones. Using this feature you can view screenshots of posts posted by your children on Instagram. Check these screenshots to find out if there is inappropriate content or strange comments.

2. Limit Teens’ Instagram Time

It can limit your children’s screen time. Set the length of time you use Instagram to keep your children away from Instagram addiction.

3. Get Alerts about Harmful Content on Instagram

You can use it to set the alert words on Instagram. Once the alert words on the target device are triggered, you will receive an email. You can take timely measures to protect your children.

4. Check Whom Teens Talk with On Instagram

It monitors chat messages sent and received on social apps. You can view chat logs remotely to see if there are predators around your children.

In order to use Instagram, one can download and install a monitoring application on the target mobile phone. So, if you want to track the activities on Instagram, you have to ensure that you choose a proper spy app. Above all the Instagram safety tips, installing a spy app is the most useful tip for a parent. iKeyMonitor saves all the chat conversations and posts, and you can log them anytime and access it remotely on your device for keeping teens safe on Instagram.

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