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Akash Sherikar
Thursday, January 16, 2020 @ 01:01:00 pm

I found iKeyMonitor on social media while surfing, then I found iKeyMonitor there, then I thought I should look into it, how this app works then I searched for iKeyMonitor on internet where I got its website from where I have downloaded iKeyMonitor. I have been looking from long time for a good monitoring apps but none of them are good as I thought and I can use it properly but later after reading about iKeyMonitor on social media I started using iKeyMonitor it’s really a good monitoring app.

How does iKeyMonitor works?
iKeyMonitor is very easy to use, you don’t need high knowledge of internet you just need some basic knowledge about internet and using apps. If you have used any monitoring apps before then it will be easy for you to use this app and if you haven’t used any monitoring apps before then don’t worry here you will get to know how iKeyMonitor works. First of go to the official website of iKeyMonitor or simply google it, you will find its website, then go to the website and signup with a gmail account, after signing up, just click on the download button and download the app as its available for Android and iPhone both, you can download as per your device support. Later install the app in targets phone whom you want spect or you want to spy, now comes the most important part, after installing iKeyMonitor on targets phone, give all access which it asks for, like storage permission. Location permission, allow in background permission, draw over other apps permission, and so on, before installation, allow for unknown sources and turn off Google Play protection and allow background app running, after giving all permissions, hide or unhide app as per you want, if you don’t want the target to know that you are spying, then hide the app or simply you can unhide the app, then just login to cloud panel on browser. iKeyMonitor sends all data of the target device to the cloud panel where you can see by logging in to your account. iKeyMonitor allows you to know what your target doing on their phone, it will upload call details like incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls and also recording of all calls, it will spy on text messages both incoming and outgoing massages, ikeymonitor tracks social media apps like facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, Viber, etc

The features I liked the most
iKeyMonitor comes with great features, the features you see in iKeyMonitor, you won’t see in any other monitoring apps, the most feature I liked about iKeyMonitor is it is undetectable that feature makes it a best monitoring app, the target whose phone you want to spy, he never know about it he can’t even assume that someone is spying on his phone, it will provide all details of the target device it may be text messages call logs, social media, instant location and many more. It tracks all incoming and outgoing calls and messages including call recordings of both incoming and outgoing calls, it will track the exact locations of the target device also it will track all popular social media apps like facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, Viber, line, we chat etc iKeyMonitor gives the feature of keylogs from which we will know what target is typing on their phone also one of best feature of iKeyMonitor is it will take the screenshots of the apps which is very useful, now a days children’s involving in many bad activities through social sites and social apps and this is the major problem for children’s for involving in such activities, parents don’t have any idea about that and now a days employees also not doing their works to spy on employees and our children’s, to know what they are doing or where they are going and this app is very useful, I have seen many monitoring apps which claims that they will provide good service but they will soon stop working, but iKeyMonitor provides the best service. Many apps will take your money and block your account but I have seen that iKeyMonitor is very friendly app and I like customer care services of this app if you have any problems regarding iKeyMonitor they will always ready for you and one more feature that attracted me is, iKeyMonitor is giving three days of full services just for sharing this app on facebook or twitter.

For me iKeyMonitor is the best monitoring app ever because it provided me every features that a good monitoring app provides at starting I faced some problems while installing because at that time I didn’t had much knowledge of installation of monitoring app but with iKeyMonitor I get full support on installation in the web you will get every single step for installation of iKeyMonitor I don’t need access to targets phone again and again once I installed and till now it’s running smoothly I get what I wanted, call logs, SMS logs, social media apps like facebook Whatsapp Viber IMO wechat snap chat and many more I can access they easily, I can spy on targets phone without touching it. And it’s hiding feature makes it more beautiful so that target can’t get to know that someone spying them. I have been using this app since two months and I didn’t faced a single major problem. Sometimes target clears cashe files or clear background data and allow Google Play protection, at that time I faced some problems but I managed them easily, customer service of this app is also very good they provide all solution for your problems. Overall my journey with iKeyMonitor is awesome, it provides screen shot of alert words which is very useful and also it provides exact location of the targets phone so it is very useful for the parents so that they can easily track their children’s and easily know where they are, this app will be very useful in future and I’m happy that I got this app.


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