How to Protect Teen Privacy Online?

How to Protect Teen Privacy Online

In simple terms, teen privacy is all about teens having the right to regulate how much access others can have on them and their personal space. As the children reach the juvenile stage, they begin to express a desire for greater independence and the need for privacy that you should respect. Now that you know how deeply teens want space for privacy and how protective they are of it, so you need to take a few steps to maintain it and at the same time protect the child on various online platforms.

What Is Teen Privacy?

Teenage changes your child completely. Now, they may feel annoyed at being petted, views your attempt to care as an intention to participate in their affairs as an intrusion. As a result, they begin to keep a distance. This can be simply termed as teen privacy. Here are some interesting facts about teen privacy that every parent must know:

  • You need to analyze and understand your teen’s unspoken thoughts. If your child is in the process of establishing personal boundaries with his attitude, then the child is trying to bring it to the attention of those around him.
  • The way you communicate or the questions you ask or the concerns you convey can invade teen privacy. When questioned by you about their friends or studies, teens usually feel that you are asking for information that is personal or confidential.
  • It can be very difficult for you to agree with the thought of giving your child a little more independence. But you should relax and assure yourself of your child’s abilities to act responsibly and hand him the authority.

3 Tips for You to Protect Teen Privacy Online

1. Change the privacy settings on children’s social media pages

By default, most social media pages don’t hide their personal information. This means that everything the kids post on the page can be seen around the world. This includes their birthday, phone number, and even their address. You can resolve this issue by going to the privacy settings of its social media page and changing its page to private.

2. Install parental control software

The biggest threat your children face online is adult images, gambling sites and violent videos. This media can be easily accessed with a simple search, but it can be filtered out by parental control software such as iKeyMonitor.

3. Communicate with children

Ultimately, talking to your children is the most important step in helping them  understand the importance of Internet security. It is important to teach your children to pay attention to what is shared online and to know who to interact with. Ask them if they have questions about what they see online and help them feel comfortable.

Privacy Tips For Teens

You can learn, connect with friends and play games online, but make sure you are using the internet safely. The first step is to take security measures, consider the consequences of the behavior, and establish contact if you know you are trying to protect your reputation.

1. Be careful to share

Your content can last a lifetime. Before posting information online, consider what other people might know about your knowledge and who you might see in the future – teachers, parents, colleges, and potential employers.

2. Pay attention to shared content

Please note that when you post an image or video online, you may also share information about other people or personal details about yourself, such as your home or school.

3. Own your online presence

You can limit who can see your information and what you share. Learn and use the privacy and security settings on your favorite online games, apps and platforms.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting Teen Privacy

Providing teen privacy may make your child feel more comfortable and accepted, but actually, it can also backfire as a child can easily misuse the opportunity and get engaged in many such unwanted tasks. Your teen may misinterpret it as permission to do whatever he likes. So, you must keep a check on their conversations on various social media platforms. Privacy is essential because your child is dealing with big teenage challenges. To become grown-up learning to handle these challenges with independence and responsibility is utmost necessary. Here are some of the ways by which iKeyMonitor enables you to monitor your children:

  • iKeyMonitor enables you to spy on SMS text messages on your children’s devices. It shows you whom your children often contacts and what they often talks about.
  • You can monitor their chat messages on several social media such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on. In this way, you will know if your children have leaked personal information online.
  • You can set up keywords alerts to detect what your children have posted online to protect their privacy.
  • It captures screenshots of mobile activities periodically which allows you to find the signs of information leakage. You can tell your children the importance of keeping their information private online.

Thus, in the process of providing teen privacy, you must make sure that you trust your child completely. At the same time, blind trust is also not good. You have to make sure that you install an app like iKeyMonitor through which you can track the activities of your child remotely without their knowledge. Your child will remain happy thinking you have stopped questioning them and you will remain happy by analyzing the fact that your child safe online and at least you are aware of all their activities.


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