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Thursday, September 12, 2019 @ 07:07:27 pm

Hello. I am Imad from Morocco I have 38 years old. My eldest daughter has 13 years old. When she passed primary school I gifted her an Iphone 6s plus. After that I have access everyday to her phone and I read messages and so on until I began to notice strange things. One day when I was reading WhatsApp messages, I noticed that there were no new messages from last day but I’ve heard messages tone’s notification that day. I knew then that she was deleting messages, so she has something to hide from me. I searched on the Internet how to monitor other smartphone messages and data and after many hours of research I decided to try the three days free trial on iKeyMonitor since it was the only one for non jailbroken IOS devices.

Jailbreak is better for IOS devices to control everything

I signup on the website and I get a 3 days free trial license. My daughter’s iphone 6s plus has IOS 11.0.4 so I decided to jailbreak it to have full access on monitoring like I read on the official website for iKeyMonitor. I jailbreaked it in less than 10 minutes and configure it by launching Cydia and searching for “iKeymonitor” on the famous “BigBoss” source. I’m used to use IOS devices so no problem in the configuration process after that I opened Safari enter “localhost:8888” and successfully get the configuration page. the idea to have cloud drive to store all monitoring data is so incredible therefore i can access all data updates easily from any device without waiting for my daughter’s Iphone to be online nether my phone needed to be.

All my needed features are here

this is my first experience in monitoring or accessing other smartphone activities and data but i can recommend highly iKeyMonitor to everyone. now I have access to calls log with voice record. SMS log facebook whatsapp instagram… etc all grouped and well tidy. but the best option for me is the Keystrokes where I can find anything tapped with keyboard with the application name and time, I see various options for notifications and many more things accessed easily from the cloud. These features help me to be a reassured father:

  • Chat logs for chat applications
  • Call logs with voice record
  • app filter, web filter, Geo-fencing and Alert words for pre-protection
  • Automatic screen shoots configurable
  • GPS feature for visited locations with time of visit

These are not all the available features but i can say these are my best


the first day of monitoring i started to monitor my daughter’s messages from Whatsapp so I found some messages from someone who asked her for nude pictures. I intervened immediately to stop her from sending pictures because in our country many people share it online therefore the society considers it perverted then she will be harassed all time and she will have serious problems in school. The sender was not from our city and He has 19 years take the phone from my daughter to get as possible of his informations. After that I called him and threatened to turn to the police if he contacts her once more. Swindling with a minor is a big crime in my country. Thanks to this tool for saving my daughter from being victim of sex crime. I would continue to use it to protect all my children from the danger of internet. I can not stop all them from accessing internet. but I can allow them safely with iKeyMonitor.

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