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My kids are my life. That being said, I worry about them a lot. Who they’re with, what they’re doing, if they’re really on the way home, etc. I bought my daughter a phone for her 13th birthday because she is becoming more independent and I need to keep up with her. Recently I’ve become skeptical of what she’s really been up to, so I decided to set out to find good phone monitoring software. Then I found iKeymonitor

This phone software takes all of the guess work out of my job as a parent. With the click of a button I can know who she’s been calling, texting, or hanging out with. I can also see where she’s been, hear what’s going on around her, or see the pictures she’s been receiving.

The install was a breeze and the software runs smooth, it doesn’t suck the battery up, and she doesn’t even have to know it’s on there. The user interface is easily accessible and navigational and everything is securely stored online in the cloud.

The features are absolutely amazing. Everything from chat logs to keylogs to live photo capture, this program has it all. You can adjust the refresh rate of data to your liking, set alarm keywords that alert you when captured, and even schedule photo capture times with ease. Everything was every to navigate so you don’t have to be tech savvy to use it. If she is out at a friend’s I have comfort in knowing that I can check in at any time and hear what’s going on around on her end and she doesn’t have to feel obligated to report in. With the browser history logger function I can make sure she’s not looking up anything that a girl her age should be. It truly does take all the guesswork out of being a parent.

But what really sold me was the surroundings recorder feature that comes with the plus pack. I can schedule times throughout the day I want to hear what’s going on or instantly start recording from the commands menu. All the recording logs are stored online so you can access them at anytime anywhere, securely. If you’re wondering what someone’s doing when you go to bed, this is the best way to find out. It records in the background without so much as a notification on the target device and as soon as it’s done the recording gets saved for easy access. All of the captured audio is pretty high quality. Another great feature is the chat logger. From the log screen you select the desired chat service and you can instantly see any and all messages, in or out, all timestamped. Even deleted messages are logged. You can also see all pictures taken and saved, every stop someone might have made when they were running arenas or out with friends, and hear the entire conversation if they make or receive a call.

In conclusion, this is the ultimate monitoring software available, hands down. If you’re skeptical about having to pay for it, know that it’s worth every penny. I sleep so much easier at night knowing I don’t have to worry about being in the dark when it comes to my children. We’re living in a digital world and it can be hard to keep up with today’s culture so do what I did and invest in something to put your mind at ease. This is the only software you’ll ever need when it comes to mobile device monitoring. It’s packed with every feature most other products offer and then some.

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Alex Mutter
Thursday, January 16, 2020 @ 07:26:11 am


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