How to Set Up Fortnite Parental Controls 2024

If you are looking for a guide to set up Fortnite parental controls, you have come to the right place! This guide will take you through all the steps to make Fortnite safe and suitable for you and your family. The setup is simple and only takes you a few minutes to complete. Before setting up parental controls on Fortnite, let’s talk about the bad effects of Fortnite on your kids.

Top Bad Effects of Fortnite on Your Kids

Check out the top bad effects of Fortnite on your kids below:

Video Game Addiction

Fortnite is really addictive, and many kids are already addicted to it. This game will make your kids skip their sleep and study schedules. In the long run, their sleep cycle and learning motivation will be affected. They will start to ignore other activities and focus on playing this game.

Mobile Game Addiction

Violent Tendency

The Fortnite game is violent because it is based on action settings. It can have a major psychological impact on your kids. A lot of violence and group activities will cause their behavior to change. If you try to prohibit them from playing, they may find it difficult to control their negative emotions.

Violent Tendencies

Turn On Fortnite Parental Controls

Follow these steps to enable Fortnite parental controls on your kids’ devices:

  1. Launch Fortnite and enter a lobby.
  2. Open the Main Menu.
    Fortnite Main Menu
  3. Select Parental Controls.
    Select Parental Controls
  5. Select NEXT.
    Select NEXT
  6. Enter a six digit PIN, confirm it, then select NEXT.
    Fortnite PIN
  7. Set the parental controls to your liking, then select SAVE.
    Select SAVE


You can make changes to the parental control settings at any time by entering a lobby, navigating to Fortnite Parental Controls, and entering your PIN.

What Features Do Fortnite Parental Controls Provide?

You can access seven custom Fortnite parental control settings. Each Fortnite parental control option has a toggle switch that allows you to turn it on or off. The following is a detailed description of each parental control option in Fortnite:

Filter Mature Language

Fortnite includes a text chat feature that allows players to communicate via input chat. Turn on this setting to review mature language in text chats. Turn off this setting to allow mature language such as cursing.

Accept and Reject Friend Requests

Anyone can choose to send friend requests to your kids after playing games with them or enter your kids’ usernames in the “Add Friends” section of the social menu. Turn off this setting to prevent your kids from receiving these requests again.

Hide Your Name From Non-Squad Members

This setting allows you to prevent non-squad members from seeing your kids’ names. Turn on this setting and replace your kid’s name with “player” for anyone who is not in their squad. Turn off this setting to allow everyone to see your kids’ names.

Hide Non-Squad Member Names

This setting prevents your kids from seeing the names of other players. If you are worried about your kids seeing inappropriate names or trying to contact strangers outside of the game, please enable this feature. Turn on this setting to replace other players’ names with “players” in your kids’ games. Turn off this setting to allow your kids to see the names of other players.

Turn Voice Chat On and Off

Fortnite includes a built-in voice chat feature. Turn on this setting to allow your kids to talk to other players via voice chat. Turning off this feature prevents your kids from using voice chat.

Enable and Disable Text Chat

Turning on this setting prevents your kids from using text chat. If you want your kids to use text chat in Fortnite, please turn off this setting.

Receive Weekly Playtime Reports

This feature allows you to receive game time reports from Epic, which details the time your kids spend playing Fortnite. Set this to WEEKLY for the weekly report, DAILY for the daily report. If you don’t want to receive the Fortnite game time report, please set it to OFF.

Keep Your Kids Away from Fortnite’s Bad Effects with iKeyMonitor

Fortnite parental controls provide limited features. You can use iKeyMonitor to make up for its shortcomings. iKeyMonitor is a parental control app for you to monitor Fortnite activities. It allows you to view your kids’ Internet activities and enables you to block apps/games that you think are unsuitable. Thus you can protect them from adult content, game addiction, and violent tendency.

Block Fortnite to Protect Your Kids

iKeyMonitor allows you to set schedules to block Fortnite on your kids’ phones. You can log in to the cloud panel to choose the period to block the Fortnite game.


Set Screen Time Limits on Fortnite

iKeyMonitor enables you to set screen time limits on your kids’ phones. In this way, you can control your kids’ time on Fortnite and keep them away from video game addiction.

Screen Time Limit

Get Alerted about Dangerous Activities on Fortnite

With iKeyMonitor, you can set alerts for inappropriate words on your kids’ phones. Whenever a preset keyword is entered in Fortnite, you will receive an instant email alert.

get alerts


The steps to set up Fortnite parental controls are listed above. Although Fortnite is a popular game, it is still harmful to your kids. This game has a negative physical and psychological impact on your kids. You can use iKeyMonitor to limit the screen time of this game and block it if necessary. Sign up and start protecting!


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