Do You Know What Your Kid Is Live-Streaming on Their Devices? 2024

The term Live streaming means to listen to music or to watch video/multimedia in real-time, rather than downloading the file to your computer and watching it later on. This means you don’t need to download any file, there will be just a continuous stream of data. Live Streaming is an easy way to reach the audience in real-time. You children may stream a video game, host a live question-answer session, sing or dance or share videos of any ongoing events through live streaming.

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming media could be a video or audio content sent in a compressed form over the Internet. This content can be played immediately rather than being saved to the hard drive. You can do live streaming if you have two things. One is a webcam and the other thing is an Internet connection. Here is a few facts about Live streaming:

  • If children have these two things, they can start their own live streaming. Many people go live to show their comedy, dance, singing or any other quality that they want to share with the world in real-time.
  • There is no option to modify the content when people are live streaming and that’s why people are liking this a lot.
  • Companies can reach their audience with the help of live streaming in an inexpensive way. So, this has become a key marketing tool for companies.

The Dangers Of Live-Streaming

Nowadays live streaming has just become a trend in social media. Teenagers or small children are the ones who are not wise enough to use this live streaming because they are unaware of the risk factors of live streaming. When you are live streaming, anyone can see and hear you and the staff you are showing live. Children are innocent. When they go live, they sometimes show their house, their room and/or any expensive jewelry that they have been gifted and thus, they are inviting unwanted problems. Someone among the audience might be a thief or someone might reach the child’s home to follow the child and to harm her/him. Here are some of the dangers of live streaming:

  • Sex offenders are increasingly using live streaming platforms to exploit children and therefore this is necessary to educate children about the dangers of live streaming. People can leave abusive comments on live streams that could upset your child.
  • If the privacy setting is not in place, the person who is going live could be broadcasting to strangers, a few of whom could have some bad intentions. Especially if the broadcaster is a child, they could get in touch with the child via the comments and may place them at risk of online grooming.
  • People with bad intentions may encourage or offer gifts to children to do certain things on camera – like performing a sexual actor showing their private parts of the body. First of all, the offenders will try and build relationships with children and then they will prompt them to do inappropriate things.
  • There is a thrill of live streaming and this sometimes may encourage young people to take risks like jumping from the roof while he is doing live streaming to get the attention of the online audience.

How To Stop This Type Of Live-Streaming?

You have to check the privacy setting of your child’s social networking sites and make sure that the privacy setting is active so that if they go live only friends can see the live streaming. In this way, you can safeguard them from being visible to strangers. But the truth is that the child can even change the privacy setting by themselves if they wish so. Following things could be done to stop this type of live-streaming:

  • The first thing is that you need to do is to talk to them. Tell them the risk factors of live-streaming. This is not practical to always keep an eye on your child’s device. But with the help of some easy mobile apps, you can trace your child’s device anytime.
  • Ask them what they exactly do when they go live. Talk with them like a friend, so that they can share everything with you. An open conversation can help you to make your child understand what kind of online behavior is harmful to them.
  • Many parental control apps are available nowadays. So be a smart parent to handle your child.

iKeyMonitor helps to stop Live-Streaming

iKeyMonitor can help you in many ways. Use parental control apps which are easy but powerful mobile apps that can help you to control your child’s online activities. You can trace them if they are live streaming and then you can stop them from doing so. You can block certain apps that you think are inappropriate for your child. Once you block the app, they cannot go live using those apps. Here are the ways by which the parental monitoring app can be helpful:

  • iKeyMonitor helps you track the GPS locations of kids. So even if your child is far from you, you can trace his or her online activities.
  • iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social chat apps and so you can easily know if your child is doing live streaming or not.
  • You can set some keyword alerts in iKeyMonitor app and if your child uses those words or keywords, you will get a notification for the same. For example, if you set the word “Live” as the keyword, you will get notification whenever your child uses or types that word.

Although live streaming could bring a lot of online audience for you and you can show your talent through live streaming but you should be careful about your audience. So, it is necessary to make a privacy setting before going live and as a parent you must always iKeyMonitor for keeping an eye on the child’s online activities.

Most of the time, children get exploited due to this live streaming. As parents, you should use parental control apps like iKeyMonitor that will help you to monitor, control and protect your child from the dark side of the live streaming.


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