Digital Detox: Focus and Fight Phone Addiction

Digital Detox: Focus and Fight Phone Addiction

In today’s world, avoiding the use of screens is almost impossible, and the need for digital detox has begun to receive attention. Whether it’s a TV, a tablet or a smartphone, adults and children are involved as technology changes and the screen blends into everyday life. But for parents, it poses challenges, especially with regard to the time children use the screen. Limiting children’s acceptance of digital use is challenging. If you or your child have developed some unhealthy numerical habits, digital detoxification may help. This means you need to avoid the screen for a long time. Unplugging technology in the short term is the best way to teach this habit.

What Is Digital Detox and When It Is Needed?

What is a digital detox? When do your children need it? When you find that due to excessive media use your child is showing symptoms of some behavioral, emotional, and academic problems, then that means your child needs a break from electronics. This is when digital detox is useful. Suppose your child has gotten into the habit of playing video games for hours then a detox could give him an opportunity to explore other interests. Here are some of the cases when your child needs it:

  •  If you want to get your child to get over electronics or child argues every time you tell him to turn off the TV or shut his laptop, then a break from electronics is necessary for him.
  • Many times, your family might develop some bad habits like watching TV while eating, not talking face to face or sleeping with smartphones next to the bed. That means your family needs to undergo the detox process.
  • Too much screen time influences child development and behavior. As new technology is invented, it changes the way children relate to screens like they can access screens of smartphones anywhere, so there generates the necessity to take the break.

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Detox?

A digital detox can improve the child’s abilities to read the emotional expressions of others. In research of the detox process, half the group was sent to an outdoor camp where they weren’t allowed to use their electronics whereas other half continued to use their normal screen time. After five days, the research ended, and further both groups were tested on their ability to read other people’s emotions. It was found that the group which was allowed to use the digital services were not able to perform well whereas the group that attended camp showed a significant improvement in their ability to recognize other people’s feelings. Thus, here are some of  the benefits of a digital detox:

  •   The emotional and social skills play a crucial role in behavior management, so digital detox process in children helps them to understand how others feel, and hence, they can adjust their behavior accordingly.
  •  Before the invention of the internet and video games, kids used to play outside much of the time. But now, due to technology, kids are glued to their screens during their spare time. If they are kept away for some time, then that will help them to attain good health.
  •  If you take away electronics, your child might struggle to find something else to do which he or she will for outdoor activity.
  •  This process is highly beneficial for kids to reduce behavioral problems. Running around releases energy and can help kids be less active indoors and hence they will even have a good sleep.

Tips for a Digital Detox in Teens

For many parents, checking social media becomes a habit. Kids often develop unhealthy screen time habits by following their parents. They also tend to turn on the video games as soon as they return from school. If you want teens to limit their digital time, then first you have to develop such habits in yourself. You have to make a conscious choice to unplug for a certain period and take a break when required. These are a few more strategies that you can follow for starting a digital detox:

1. Take a week-long break from electronics

You can take your child to a camping trip, or have a vacation in the mountains, or a week in a remote cabin that could keep everyone away from the electronics. Stepping away from technology is necessary for appreciation for simple activities, like board games or playing catch.

2. You can have an electronics-free weekend

If you can’t afford a vacation or you have a job that makes unplugging for a week seem like an impossibility, then you should consider a digital detox on a smaller scale. You should consider making it happen to disconnect a few weekends each year.

3. Have a monthly digital-free day

Every month fix a day when you will have no screens day. This is to commit spending quality time together without using electronics for one day every month.

How Does iKeyMonitor Work in the Digital Detox Process?

Stepping away from electronics for a few days can be a grand experiment, but for kids, it can be tough. Though taking a short break could boost a child’s mood and motivate them to get the work done. But as parents, you must keep an eye on the child’s activities to ensure that they are limiting the usage. That’s where you need a parental monitoring app just like iKeyMonitor, which will not only help you to keep a check on the activities, but it will also help you control the usage. Here are a few features of iKeyMonitor:

  •  It allows you to remotely monitor and control your child’s online activities through the control panel.
  •  You can also limit the screen time by setting daily maximum usage time.
  •  The best part is that you can check the monitoring logs remotely.

Of course, it’s essential to be a good role model for children when it is about digital detox. If you tell your child to turn off the electronics while you are using it, then that won’t be effective. Apart from that, you should use an app like iKeyMonitor to find out whether your child is following the detox rules.


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