Conflicts between Employee Monitoring and Employee’s Privacy 2024

According to the research, most companies use employee monitoring software to monitor their staff, and about 70 percent of these companies have improved their employee’s productivity and efficiency. It is obvious that surveillance is a necessity in the company. However, employees feel that employee monitoring software is unacceptable as their privacy may be violated by the employee monitoring. The conflict between employee spy app and employee’s privacy is a hot controversy in the company.

The Most Useful Computer Monitoring Software for Company

Why the employees are so taboo against the employee tracking software? Because employee monitoring software logs every activity on the computer, including emails, keystrokes, FTP file transferred, websites visited, applications used, USB stick usage and so on. With employee monitoring software, employer can discover everything that employees have done on the computer.

On one hand, the employer need urgently to make sure that staff are loyalty and not wasting company’s resources by means of monitoring. On the other hand, the employees want to keep their privacy as their activities are watched by the monitoring software for employee. Then, how to manage this situation? The employer may pay more attention to prevent information leaks and enhance employee efficiency and business productivity rather than invasion of privacy. For the employees, they should have responsibility consciousness and raise their awareness of privacy protection. Just spend less time on MySpace websites or other recreational websites during the working hours. If you work at the work time, you are safe even you are monitored by the employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software has become widespread in the workplace for its positive effectiveness. It is the most useful computer monitoring software for company and it can do a great favor for the company if both employer and employees can make a balance.

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