Best Software to Block Websites on iPhone 2024

How to block websites on iPhone has been a problem for many parents in order to protect children’s online safety. Is it necessary for parents to block websites on phone? What’s the best software to block websites on iPhone? The full featured iKeyMonitor will meet all requirements expected by parents with respect to blocking websites on cell phones.

Why Blocking Websites on iPhone Is Necessary

The Internet is flooded with so many good and bad things and it is up to the users to utilize the Internet in the proper way. But many children are surfing the Internet today who are not mature enough to separate good and bad things. Children are curious to know about many things which are available on the Internet. Hence parents have to pay more attention to their children’s activities and control them when it’s necessary.

If parents allow their children to use internet through iPhone, they have to take the preventive measures to keep children away from unwanted sites such as porn or cyberbullying. Parents should use certain software to block iPhone websites so that the children cannot visit those sites even if they unknowingly open certain links. Most parents are not aware of blocking websites on Safari and as a result, their children are addicted to pornography and many other negative things present online.

How to Block Websites on iPhone?

If you want to know the best way to block unwanted sites from your children’s access, then you’d better install spy software which has the ability to do that. Today you are able to find many such applications online. You can simply go online and search for software. However, you should make sure that the software you have chosen has such options because much software does not have such features. Therefore it’s necessary for you to spend some time exploring the features of the spying software.

Once you find proper software, you can install it on the target mobile. The software will run in automatic mode so that your children cannot identify such software. After that you can choose the desired option which is mainly intended to disable websites on Apple device and select the websites that you want to block. Once it is done, the websites will be completely blocked and your children are not able to access those websites. In this way, you can keep your children away from the exposure of unwanted things.

iKeyMonitor – Best Software to Block Websites on iPhone

iKeyMonitor spy app will be the best option for those who are looking for an effective software to block websites on Safari. In fact, nowadays many people are using iKeyMonitor to prevent access to unwanted websites. Therefore you can also select this software and it is guaranteed that iKeyMonitor will perform the processes as you expect. The software is known for exceptional features such as Recording Keystrokes and Passwords Entered, Monitoring Social Networking Activity, Filtering Inappropriate Websites like Porn/Phishing, Limiting Screen Time on iPhone and Tracking Web Activities etc.

As the best spy software, iKeyMonitor can not only block websites on iPhone but also monitor all activities conducted on iPhone so as to make users keep tabs on activities made on the target iPhone. Besides, iKeyMonitor provides a three-day free trial and can be downloaded on Cydia with jailbroken iPhone. You can experience the features of the free version in advance and then decide whether to purchase the full-featured one or not.

Block Adult Sites on iPhones with the Pre-installed Features

Have you ever considered blocking adult sites on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet? However much you would love your underage kids and allow them to enjoy using their mobile devices, you should understand that this freedom comes with a price especially if they have access to the Internet. As a parent, you can well demonstrate your love by keeping them safe and upright at all times and cost. This love starts by being bold enough to block adult sites on iOS and Android devices.

Technology is advancing, and so is software development. To stay at the top, companies like Apple are working day and night to ensure that their products remain competent enough and more so the best grab for the user. In this regard, they have developed several methods to enable concerned parents and adults like you to control your children’s mobile device usage. For instance, parents can use the pre-installed parental control feature to block websites on children’s Apple device. However, only blocking adult websites is not enough. As parents, you also need to block adult apps and games on children’s mobile phones.

Software developers, such as iKeyMonitor on the other hand, are putting themselves out to ensure that they stay relevant in this market. The decision nevertheless is yours to make. Which software is going to serve you better? iKeyMonitor I suggest. iKeyMonitor spy app is one of the best spy software programs available to block adult apps and games on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Web browsers such as Safari can also be blocked absolutely.

Why block adult sites and apps on your kid’s mobile device?

You and I both know that the Internet can’t be trusted much especially with children. They grow to be smarter than the parents nowadays. As apparent as it is, a larger percentage of Internet users are those below the age of 18 years. Here are some of the reasons why you need to block adult sites on kid’s mobile device;

  • To limit access to children and persons below 18 years to undesirable sites such as pornography sites and websites which promote vulgarity or encourages acts of violence;
  • To keep them away from Internet prey (individuals who prey on innocent young children and expose them to perverse behavior)
  • To protect target users from hate and malicious Internet activity
  • To protect children and minors at large from cyber bullies, scams, and any other related cyber threats.

Key features of iKeyMonitor Spy App

It’s noteworthy that some phone suppliers allow users to block adult sites on the target device with the preinstalled feature. But parents may need to turn to third-party apps if they want to have more control over all the apps on the device. iKeyMonitor is a well-developed spy app. It has very many features that can be quite helpful for concerned parents. The features of iKeyMontior parental control are listed below:

  • Log keystrokes and passwords entered
  • Record chat logs in Facebook/Skype/Viber/kik
  • Log URLs of websites visited
  • Block inappropriate apps/games
  • Send monitoring logs via email or FTP
  • View logs via the online server remotely

The preinstalled features on iOS and Android devices allow parents to block websites on iPhone completely or restrict access to individual sites that may appear dangerous. And the above-outlined features for iKeyMonitor mobile spy app enable parents to protect their children from dangers in the virtual world. iKeyMonitor spy app is all about helping parents to monitor and control Internet activity on mobile devices in such a way that the kids will never be able to work it out easily.

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