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There are a lot of choices for iPhone users on the market when it comes to the type of iPhone keylogger, it must be confusing for you to choose which the best iPhone keylogger is. It is more important for you to choose the right kind of iPhone keylogger that could meet all your needs. So, why is iKeyMonitor the best keylogger for iPhone?


Ease of Use

Firstly, iKeyMonitor iPhone tracker app is very easy to use. The installation just can be done in minutes through Cydia. After you install it, it will run automatically every time your iPhone starts up, so you don’t need to worry about how to open it when it is installed in others’ iPhones. Besides, you can access the logging files anytime, anywhere.

Passwords Recording

iKeyMonitor is the only iPhone keylogger that provides the function of recording passwords. Nowadays many people use user accounts and passwords to log into their online spaces or apps on their iPhones, so if you install the best keylogger on the iPhone, it will help you record all the passwords that are typed on the iPhone.

100% Run Invisibly

The best cell phone keylogger runs undetectably. If you install an iPhone keylogger and you don’t want it to be detected, you must need a keylogger that runs 100% invisibly. Now we can guarantee that iKeyMonitor runs 100% in stealth mode. After you install it the first time, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because it will run automatically and it will not show up on the iPhone.

Remote Monitoring

iKeyMonitor supports monitoring the activity on the iPhone remotely by remotely switching on or off the monitoring, so you can control the iPhone spy app no matter when and where you are. You just need a remote control panel add-on, and then you can operate the iPhone remotely!

Now it’s not difficult to understand why iKeyMonitor is the best iPhone keylogger. If you are a parent or employer who wants to keep everything under control, iKeyMonitor is your best choice. Download and try the Best iPhone Keylogger now!

What’s the importance of using an iPhone keylogger app? For a time, it seemed that Internet is the most important source for people to get the different kinds of information at the most convenient way. Especially with the use of microcontroller, cordless phone has come into an era of intelligence. Today it has become easier for people to have their own cell phones as well. By comparison, mobile phone masts can cover a huge geographic area comparatively cheaply, and although their connection speed will be low, it can be applied almost immediately. Therefore, people prefer to surf the Internet by smart phones like iPhone, Android cell phones. However, with the widespread of the Internet, more online predators are occurring on the Internet and trying to cheating more young and innocent people.

Keep Track of the Detailed Activities

A keylogger for iPhone is highly recommended for the people who want to keep track of the detailed activities that happened on kids’ iPhone remotely and secretly. In particular, when parents are very busy with the work but still want to guarantee kids’ online security, the iPhone keylogger will do a good job absolutely.

To keep up with the overwhelming customer demand, the iPhone keylogger app is well-designed to meet the different needs. The problem of the online predators has caused wide public concern over the recent years, because there are a lot of different ways for people to make friends with the people online, like the forums, blogs, SNS, chat rooms, which are good for the online predators to approach some people but dangerous for some gullible guys.

iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger app is the best keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows people to know almost everything is done on it such as the keystrokes and passwords typed, websites visited, both-side SMS text messages, videos watched, WhatsApp messages sent and received, social networking activities, screenshots and much more. Besides, a very important feature is that the iPhone spy software works on the target iOS devices secretly because it is able to hide itself invisibly and records everything automatically, and sends the logs remotely to the preset Email box or FTP space, which is safer and more effective for you to nab the online predators.

iPhone keylogger software is widely used by parents because so many youngsters like to use iPhone to surf the Internet, play games and make friends online. Many employers also use some smartphone apps such as iKeyMonitor to monitor the staff. The main purpose of iPhone keylogger software is to help you monitor all things happening on the iPhone and find out the truth about the monitored person. iKeyMonitor is the most professional iPhone keylogger which is well designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can make the best use of it because of its powerful monitoring and logging features which will meet your different needs. So let’s see what the keylogger for iPhone can do for you.


Record Messages with iPhone Keylogger Software

Many parents like to use this iOS keylogger app to monitor their children’s activity on their iPhone such as recording the messages sent and received. Children also prefer to send instant messages instead of making a call with their iPhone so this iPhone keylogger can help you monitor and record what they are talking about. The incoming and outgoing messages are accommodated with the keylogger to allow you to know everything on their iPhone. The same applies to your employees. If you find that the behavior of employees is fishy, don’t jump to conclusion. You have to figure it out first. The keylogger will help you find out all the truth quickly by recording their messages.

Use iPhone Keylogger to Monitor Web Activity

Parents and employers also can use the keylogger software for iOS to monitor the web activity of their children or employees. It records all websites visited including recording the title, URLs and the date. You can make full use of this feature to monitor all activity of your children and employees. You can get the information about what they often view, which website they like to visit with their iPhone. Employers may want to see if employees are using the internet for work, and parents also want to find out what children do with their iPhone every day or if children look at some bad websites. This keylogger will allow you to get all the truth.

The iPhone keylogger software runs invisibly, so they cannot be easy to find it. It won’t show up in the task manager of the iPhone, so you don’t need to worry that they may find out the keylogger is monitoring their iPhone. Besides, all the logs such as messages and web activity logs will be recorded clearly and sent to your email or FTP which is set personally in any interval.

Taking iPhone keylogger into consideration, who do you generally want to keep tabs on and how do you monitor them with a keylogger for iPhone? As parents, it turns out that you may like to keep a watchful eye on your kids and take full control of their phone usage without their consciousness. Since you are faced with a variety of keyloggers, you need to first check and choose a suitable iPhone spy app, then physically install it on your kid’s phone to start complete monitoring.


Factors to Consider When Choosing iPhone Keylogger

When choosing a preferable keylogger for iPhone, three main factors are required to be taken into account. The first one is that you should think twice what functions you need. Secondly, it is important to make clear what the iPhone keylogger software can do for you? The last but not the least is that to make sure the keylogger is safe to both you and your kids. Only if the iPhone keylogger meets these three demands, can you use it to secretly spy on your kids instead of arousing suspicions? It is the key to monitoring your kids with iPhone spy software.

If you get any news which promises you to be capable of making the iPhone spy software work without doing anything to the phone, you should never believe this iPhone spy software, or you will be scammed. The only real way to spy on your kid is to manually download and install an invisible keylogger on the phone. Then the iPhone keylogger software can work normally and silently record all the keystrokes, typed passwords, chat conversations, sent and received messages, screenshots and more. That is to say, you are able to keep a close watch on everything happens on your kids’ phones after installing the keylogger.

Benefits of Using iPhone Keylogger

Prepared for monitoring your kids with phone spy app, you wouldn’t want to constantly access their phones to check what exactly they have done, such as who they often text with, whether they are using the phone in right way, if there are any strangers trying to make friends with your kids. It is necessary for you to watch and read the recorded information when you are away from your kids. This requires the iPhone keylogger to send the logs to your email/FTP so that you can remotely see the logs with the Internet connection and know more clearly about their phones’ activities. Out of the question, remote viewing of logs will provide power monitoring to you and help you understand your kids better.

Maybe you feel confused with multiple choices of iPhone keylogger, just take a trial of iKeyMonitor which stands a good chance of being your very keylogger as it is tested to be a professional, clean and secure program with nice testimonials. Moreover, apart from iPhone, iKeyMonitor is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch to meet different needs of users all over the world.

what’s the best iPhone keylogger? Digital products have become more and more popular in our lives. Especially for today’s young teenagers, they have been used to using their digital products no matter when and where they want. For example, Take advantage of the perfect operating system, simple customer friendly experience, Apple iOS products like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are very popular, especially among young people of all ages. Commonly, they prefer to do things they want on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, however, do you know if they do some dangerous things with their iOS devices. The best iPhone keylogger is well-designed to keep track of activities on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The iPhone keylogger helps you watch out of three dangerous digital habits when using iOS devices.

  1. An Online Addiction

    It will be a little difficult for one to admit and even harder to change but the case for Internet addiction is growing as we become more wired. However, Internet addiction has a destructive effect on us. Especially today’s people rely more on mobile devices such as mobile phones, or tablets. Almost they can surf the Internet whenever and wherever they want, so it is easy for them to get addicted from everything when using phone apps to social networks, to view porn sites, to online gambling, to video games, to online shopping and more.
    The keylogger for iPhone enables you to secretly monitor all these behaviors done with the iOS devices because it gives users the ability to monitor all online searches, websites visited, social networking activities, screenshots of the target iOS devices. The screenshots captured allows you to know everything the user does on the devices.

  2. Reveal Much Privacy

    Doyour kids always post their private photos and videos on their social networks? Or do your teens send their private information like phone numbers, home addresses or more to unfamiliar people casually? If your kids get accustomed to revealing much privacy online or exposing private information to strangers, you’d better take action to stop the dangerous behavior.
    The iKeyMonitor – keylogger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is able to record all keystrokes typed, SMS text messages sent and received on the devices, so you can easily keep control of all information your kids send or received at the first time on the iOS devices.

  3. Cyber Bullying

    Do your teens resort to name calling if they are losing ground in an argument? Do they get angry, annoyed, or combative when they are online? Do they read someone else’s contrary opinion and feel confrontational? If so, your teens may be a cyber bully. Is it real? Yes! All of these signs are the start of a cyber bully. Maybe your kids think that they are just kidding, but a closer look at the communication style might reveal that they really have a fierce desire to one-up the people around them. Another situation is that your kids may be bullied by other online.
    No matter which situation your kids are encountering, the best iPhone keylogger will help you find out all the truth. No matter your kids blow off the political Facebook rant or sarcastic comment, the iPhone keylogger can help you record all information.

iPhone keylogger may be what you want the most if you are looking for an effective way to secure your children’s safety in the digital world. Do you want to enhance your kids’ security of the Internet when they are using the new iPhone 6/7/8/X? Do you want to grasp every move of your employees when they are working with iPhone 6/7/8/X? For a legal and authorized extent, iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPhone can keep tracks of everything and tell you all truth you want to get.

Key Features of iPhone 6/7/8/X Keylogger

A good iPhone spyware such as iKeyMonitor is capable of providing many powerful and professional features for users, which can be found below.

  • Track keystrokes and passwords typed
  • Record texts pasted on iPhone 6/7/8/X
  • Record incoming and outgoing SMS
  • Log sent & received WhatsApp messages
  • Track website URL visited in Safari
  • Record Voice Messages sent and received
  • Log social network activities like Facebook
  • Log typed chats like Kik/Viber
  • Capture screenshots periodically
  • Monitor all activities in an invisible mode
  • View logs locally/remotely
  • Limit screen time on iPhone

What Can the New iPhone 6/7/8/X Keylogger Do for You?

With being on the tiptoe of expectation, Apple announced its new product – iPhone 6/7/8/X. Meanwhile, there is also a great demand for the iPhone 6/7/8/X keylogger for all iPhone 6/7/8/X users or someone who plans to own a new iPhone 6/7/8/X. iKeyMonitor – as the most professional iPhone/iPad keylogger provider, always pays close attention to the latest trend of the Apple’s products, therefore, it can obtain the new demand of all customers, and also can provide the latest help accordingly and rapidly.

Easy to Install and Use

The iPhone keylogger app is quite easy to install. After downloading the iPhone 6/7/8/X spy app on your iPhone, you can easily install it with several simple clicks. The installation process is ready for you, so you just need to do some basic steps by following the instructions on the screen, and the installation will be completed instantly in several minutes.

Besides, it’s also pretty easy to use! Once the installation process is finished, what you just need to do is choose what you want to log on the iPhone 6/7/8/X. The iPhone 6/7/8/X keylogger will log what you want as soon as you finish the configuration.

Log keystrokes Typed with iPhone 6/7/8/X Keylogger

As the most professional iPhone spy app, iKeyMonitor always does an excellent job in logging keystrokes and passwords typed on the keyboard of iPhone. Keystroke logging is a very powerful function if you want to track more activities on the iOS device.

For example, the phone numbers, texts, online searches, and website URLs typed all will be recorded clearly on the phone, which can help you know almost everything users do on the iPhone 6/7/8/X.

Log Social Networks and Passwords Typed

Nowadays, it is the most popular thing to surf the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To help you track more, iKeyMonitor is well-featured to log social networking activities like posts and pictures shared, social networking sites viewed, and even including the user name and password typed in the Facebook or another login page.

Record Text Messages and WhatsApp Messages

If you want to know what your kids do with their new iPhone 6/7/8/X, or who they contact by using their new iPhone, it is essential to log the both-side SMS text messages. However, it is obviously not enough for most teenagers nowadays to only share information and communicate by using SMS, because so many young people prefer to use instant chat software to communicate with friends such as WhatsApp. The iPhone tracking software takes pride in recording both SMS text messages and WhatsApp messages on the target iPhone, so you get a chance easily to keep control of all your kids’ communication information.

Stealth Monitoring and Automatic Delivery

iKeyMonitor monitors all in a stealth mode, which means you don’t need to do more after you finish the installation and configuration. With the invisible monitoring features, iPhone 6/7/8/X users can hardly find that the iPhone spy software is working on the device, which helps both parents and employers do efficient monitoring. What’s more, iKeyMonitor also makes the remote monitoring available for all iPhone 6/7/8/X users because the logs recorded will be sent to the appointed email address or FTP account automatically and silently.

According to what has been mentioned above, a good iPhone keylogger such as iKeyMonitor offers the best method for you to protect your children safe online or keep tabs on your employees’ activities on the company-offered iPhones.

  • Monitor all activities on the target iPhone in complete stealth mode.
  • Log keystrokes, passwords, SMS, WhatsApp messages and calls.
  • Record Safari web history, take screenshots and track GPS locations.
iPhone Keylogger Free Trial Details of iPhone Keylogger Purchase iPhone Keylogger

Do you know how much time your kids spend playing games with their iPhone? Do you want to figure out whom they are often texting with? Do your employees do any bad things by using company information with others? There are a lot of such kind of problems in our lives, if you want to make everything clear, an iPhone Keylogger is just what you need to monitor and record all activity done on the monitored mobile phones.

iKeyMonitor, iPad/iPhone Keylogger for iOS users, is able to log everything going on with the kids’ iPhone. After install, anything that is happening with iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger is completely UNDETECTABLE. So far, iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPad/iPhone and other iOS devices is the best type of app that does the iPhone monitoring job for you.

SMS Recording
SMS Recording

All the inbound and outbound text messages and WhatsApp messages on the iPhone can be logged by iKeyMonitor. Meanwhile, contacts who take part in the texting are also recorded with the detailed message content. Users are also able to see when the SMS/WhatsApp message is sent or received. The iPhone Keylogger assures parents, employees that their cared ones do not engage in any untoward texting behavior.

Keystroke Logging
Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging can be very helpful when the iPhone users communicate with others via random or less common apps, since all the entries, including keystrokes, hidden characters, passwords and pasted texts will be captured by the iPhone Keylogger. iKeyMonitor will also present where the keystrokes are generated, so you can know the user accounts of any apps that users log in.

Web History Tracking
Web History Tracking

Web history in Safari will be tracked even if they are deleted. The specific logs involve short description of logged websites, website addresses and date and times. Web history tracking feature of the iPhone Keylogger is ideal for parents who like to know if their children visit bad websites or join “special” social networking.

Screenshot Capturing
Screenshot Capturing

Compared with logs in text mode, the live snapshots of your iPhone screen taken by iKeyMonitor show users definitive evidence of how the iPhone is being used. The iPhone Keylogger users are allowed to see everything done on the target iPhone, including participated IM chats, social networking activities and more. You will get more comprehensive impressions about what has been done.

GPS Location Tracking
GPS Location Tracking

iKeyMonitor for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is able to track the location history of targeted devices at intervals. It will list the times, addresses and coordinates of where the phone holder has been. By tapping on the addresses, iKeyMonitor users can see the detailed location information via Apple Map. The GPS tracking feature of the targeted device must be enabled previously.

Runs in Stealth Mode
Runs in Stealth Mode

Since iPhone Keylogger is an app that is used to spy on others and find out the truth, anything that can make it like a regular app cannot be seen on the interface of your iPhone, including the icon of the app and Settings page options which are regularly accessible through the iPhone interface. It plays a very important role in helping people find out all things happening on iPhone secretly.

Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Support

iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Korean and Chinese. However, the iOS Keylogger works with more languages when it comes to keystroke and SMS recording. It is the truth that all the features of iKeyMonitor in almost all kinds of languages are available.

Notice: Your device must be jailbroken before you install iKeyMonitor iPhone Keylogger!

An iPhone Keylogger benefits both your family and business. It helps parents and couples monitor why their your children spend much time on texting, or whom they are often talking with and more. And business managers can also figure out if your employees contact with your competitors from the call logs recorded with the help of iPhone Keylogger.

Mobile Spy App is another trustworthy iPhone Keylogger to monitor all messages sent or received and the calls received or dialed in real-time. It can be used to record all incoming and outgoing text messages on the mobile phone. All information including the date, sender or receiver will be recorded clearly, and the content of each text will be also logged in the text logs, so parents can check what text your kids send and whom they chat with, and employers can monitor your employees’ mobile phones to check if they are working or always send text messages to others during working hours. The most important thing the iPhone Keylogger can do for iOS users is that it can monitor all messages, such as the threatening or sexual text messages and more.

A iPhone 5 Keylogger refers to the keystroke logging software that runs in new iPhone 5 which can be used to monitor all things happening on the iPhone 5. It can provide a wide variety of options to users who want to monitor an iPhone 5. iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger is specially designed to help all iPhone 5 users to watch over their kids, take more care of your children, or get stolen devices back and so on.

  • Log social network activities
  • Record passwords entered
  • Log keystrokes / pasted texts
  • SMS and WhatsApp message
  • Track web history in Safari
  • Take iPhone 5 screen shots
  • Hide itself in background
  • Support remote log delivery
Best WhatsApp Spy App - iKeyMonitor
All the keyloggers for iPhone 5 at present market require a JAILBROKEN device before install and use!!

Monitor Social Network and Passwords

iKeyMonitor is the world’s best iPhone 5 keylogger in the market now which is the first and only one that provides users with logging passwords typed on the iPhone 5. Think about that your kid who is rebellious likes to chat online with strangers, view the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more, watch many videos with his or her iPhone 5, the keylogger installed on the iPhone will tell you all his private passwords of their websites, or applications. So it seems easier to get into their social networking sites to check what they are doing.

Log Keystrokes and Text Messages

This keylogger for iPhone 5 also records all keystrokes which are typed on the iPhone so all things such as which application was used, what instant messages were sent or received, the date when it was done will be recorded clearly in the keystroke logging list. And it also records the texts which are pasted on iPhone 5. The outgoing and incoming SMS text messages and WhatsApp Messages also are logged by the iPhone 5 keylogger. So it is easy for you to know everything the users do on their iPhone, and nothing will be hidden from you.

Track Websites and Take Screenshots

iKeyMonitor iPhone 5 keylogger allows you to record all websites visited in Safari. The URLs, title and date of the visited websites are easily and secretly tracked by the keylogger for iPhone 5. iPhone 5 screenshots capturing is also achievable with the help of iKeyMonitor, so parents can know what their children do online, managers can know what websites and games their employees are on with the working iPhone 5.

Stealth Mode and Silent Delivery

iKeyMonitor – the best iPhone 5 keylogger, works silently and invisibly on the iPhone so you won’t worry about this may be disclosed by your kids or other your children. You can also hide the Cydia icon from SpringBoard so that others have no clue about the jailbreak as well as iKeyMonitor. The most security-insurance trick offered should be silent delivery, which means that the records generated by iKeyMonitor will be automatically and secretly sent to an email address appointed by you.


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