A Parent’s Guide to After School App 2024

After school app allows high school students to communicate with other students in the school. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Because it is limited only by school peers, it can be considered as a student’s private network. This means that no one but the student at the school can access the positions of these students. Although this is a private network, you still need to pay attention to how your child uses this app. Some children will threaten and bully other teenagers in the app, this kind of thing continues in their real life.

What Is After School App?

In order to use this app, kids need to download the app either from the Apple app store or from Google Play. After installing the app, students have to select the school from the list of schools in the nearby location. This app uses an algorithm to confirm that the students are the ones whom they are claiming to be. If the app can’t verify the identity then the student has to submit a copy of the school ID for access to the app. Here are some facts about the after school App:

  • The after school app revolves around anonymous and private message boards for any given school.
  • Messages can take the form of videos, pictures, or regular text.
  • Anyone in the school can see all the posted messages. Unless the personal information of the user is disclosed in the form of a message, the user cannot be identified in any way.
  • Users need to use Facebook to register. This allows the app to verify which school users participate based on their profile information and friends.

Is After School App Safe?

After school app is dedicated to guiding students to remain positive for helping other students on the app. When it comes to bullying and threats than the apps strictly set up guidelines to safeguard students. It also prohibits posts that have contents that are explicitly sexual, violent, or intended to harm children emotionally or physically. In order to detect dangerous and harmful content, the app uses both human moderators and software. Here are some risks of using after school app:

1. Anonymity

As a parent, you should beware of this app. Because it has no control measures and no accountability, this is just a high-risk game. On the one hand, it provides a way out for students in difficult conditions. On the other hand, it encourages hiding behind big screens. You need to consider these issues carefully.

2. Sexual Content

The app first connects to the Facebook profile by using interests, friends, and birthdays as verification to verify that the user is a real student, and then allows you to post in the app. The child can then “unlock” more mature sex, drugs, and other content by scanning the driver’s license.

3. Fake Posts

Some users find that the app has many fake posts. This means that after school, unnecessary posts will be created by anonymously posting virtual posts. Children may believe these posts and get into unnecessary trouble.

How to Protect Your Child from After School App?

After school app rarely find threats, but they cannot be completely ignored. When an incident occurs, the app will immediately notify you to help the authorities ensure the safety of students. Although the company claims to have taken all precautions to prevent students from using the service to threaten others, you still need to take some measures to completely protect your children.

1. Use A Parental Control App

You can use a parental control app like iKeyMonitor to limit the use of the app. It can be used on both Apple and Android devices for limiting access to the app.

2. Check Your Child’s Phone

You need to check that anyone doesn’t break the law of using the online services and use them anonymously. Such users can make your child as their victim and further bully them.

3. Have An Open Conversation

Most importantly, you need to have an open conversation with your child about the guidelines that you must follow while using the app.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor After School App

When children use various social networking applications, you need to be extra careful. The best way is to use the iKeyMonitor parental control app. It will help you track all your child’s activities on the after school app. After learning about your child’s online activities, you can take corrective actions accordingly. You must remember that this app is just an extension of your child’s real-world and social life. If you know the activities they are doing here or the topics they are talking about, you can better protect your children. Here are some key features of iKeyMonitor:

1. Block Apps and Games

The iKeyMonitor app blocker can restrict apps and games on iPhone (jailbreak) and Android devices. You can always block dangerous apps or games, limit the screen time of bedtime or homework time, and set the maximum daily usage time. This way, you can protect your children’s eyesight and keep them away from harmful apps and games.

2. Monitor Chat Apps

iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor popular social chat applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, WeChat, etc. Chat monitoring is an effective way to detect signs of cyberbullying, sexual predators, and online dangers.

3. Get Alerts

With this feature, you can receive notifications immediately when your child performs dangerous or inappropriate operations on the Internet. In this way, you can take measures to protect your child from potential danger.

4. Set Screen Time Limit

iKeyMonitor supports to limit the screen time of the iPhone/iPad/Android phone/tablet. This feature allows parents to limit the time children spend on iOS and Android devices to keep children away from smartphone addiction.

When your children use the after school app, you need to take preventive measures to protect their privacy and reputation and ensure their safety. Use monitoring tools such as iKeyMonitor to monitor the frauds and harms usually directed at children on the network to protect them from online threats.

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