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I want to share my story to tell and inform everyone how you can protect your whole family and even your relatives from the dangers when being online especially for kids who are the most vulnerable when going online. We cannot help but think of the things that can help us protect them at this age where smartphones and the internet are becoming a necessity in our everyday lives.

Found my daughter’s lost smartphone back with iKeyMonitor

I have a 10-year-old daughter, and she loves to play outside our house with our neighbor’s daughter. Most of the time they play beside the house, in front of our gate, and sometimes they go to our neighbor’s house and play there. Her life was still simple until she turned 12. I saw a friend (our neighbor) showing her own smartphone to her that her parents gave on her birthday and was amazed at what you can do with it. I think that is when she discovered that she needed her own smartphone.

So my daughter started asking me if I can buy her, her own smartphone so she can also show it to her friend. At first, I was a bit hesitant to give my daughter her own phone because of some bad things that I read on the internet or hear on the news, or from other people who have experienced it themselves. Like people who get scammed, or even worse kidnapped because they were lured through social media. But still, I tried to balance out my thoughts about the advantages that my daughter will have or achieve if she has her own smartphone. Especially in our age where almost anything can be done with a smartphone. Like in school, where they have an app where they can check their homework or upcoming project. Group chats with their teacher so they can ask their teachers anytime if they have problems in school. Also, I realized that you can use a smartphone to somehow protect your family. I have seen some ads about monitoring apps for kids on the internet. So I tried to search for the best monitoring apps for a smartphone on google. And google results returned “iKeyMonitor” on the very top. So I checked iKeyMonitor’s website and reviewed ways on how to protect your family from dangers on the internet. And through their website, I started to be scared on how kids become very vulnerable online but on the other hand was amazed by what iKeyMonitor has to offer to counter these threats.

I also checked some of the testimonials on their blog and was even more amazed at how this app protected their family members from cyber threats. So I was convinced that I too, can protect my family, especially my daughter from the threats on going online. So on my daughter’s 12th birthday, I bought her, her own android smartphone as a birthday gift. I was happy to see her face in awe when she opened her present. We hugged and give her some advice on how to use it properly.

Then there was this time when my daughter though that she left her phone in her school. She remembered it on her way home and returned to school. She asked a few classmates and her teachers and didn’t find it. She told me and we reported it in the school. Unfortunately, her school only has CCTV cameras on the front door and a few hallways but not inside classrooms. So there was no way to check where in the room she left it. Then I remembered that I have iKeyMonitor. I checked the location on the dashboard of the app and found the location away from the school. I reported it to her teacher to check the address and found out that it was the address of one of her classmates. We confronted the parents and got the phone back. We didn’t press any charges since the parents apologized and promised to talk to their kid.

I gave my daughter a little talk to be more responsible so this will not happen again. Good thing I have iKeyMonitor on my side. With what happened I Still try not to be worried too much since I know that I have raised my daughter properly. Now it’s time for her to discover and learn on her own while I and iKeyMonitor support her and keep her safe.

How does iKey Monitor exactly work?

I have checked their website and learned that iKeyMonitor is one of the best Monitoring or Tracking app there is. With that said, you can be sure that they have all of the features you will need to keep your kids or family members safe from people who will take advantage of them. iKeyMonitor can track almost anything on your targets’ smartphone. Their location, incoming calls and logs, text messages and also social media apps. You can do this with or without root on the target’s smartphone.

The features I like about iKeyMonitior

These are the things that I like most, about iKeyMonitor. I read all the features and was amazed at how it has all of the things that I want. iKey Monitor has a Keylogger that tracks every word that the target devices types. Geo-Location to track where the target device is. So you can monitor where your kids are or where they have been.

Especially if they somehow get lost, you know where to pick up your kids. Social Media Tracking, which I think for me, is the most important feature, especially on our age where almost all teenagers or sometimes even kids have their own Facebook or Twitter account. These are just some of the key features that I needed but they still offer a whole lot more. You can also access Photos on the targeted device. And remotely take photos on the targeted device so you can make sure that your family is in a safe place. Here are the other features that I think other users can benefit from:

  • SMS logs
  • Call logs
  • Viber Chats
  • Whatsapp
  • WeChat
  • Browser History
  • Clipboard (may come in handy at times to know what your family have copied and paste from their smartphones)
  • Listen on the surrounding through the mic of the target smartphone

For me, these are great features to keep your family safe from everyday activities. I have even read some stories where Parents have saved their kids from cyberbullying by monitoring their kids’ social Accounts. Some people may say that you may be invading your kids’ privacy, but I say that we are only doing this to keep our family members, especially our kids who rely on us to keep them safe until they are old enough to fend for themselves.


Overall I think that iKeyMonitor has helped me protect my family, not to mention, affordable. One of the things that I like about this app. What is the value of money if you know that your kids are at risk? So I suggest you start protecting your family with iKeyMonitor’s help and wake up every day knowing that your family is safe.

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Eugene Negrido
Saturday, February 1, 2020 @ 03:22:41 pm


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